A haircut question =)


I have a question that may seem hare (hair?)-brained, but all I am looking for is the bald facts. Please do not split hairs on this one, for that would make me tear my hair out. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m reading an e-book of “The Works of Saint Francis Of Assisi” - both as spiritual reading, and as background research for a video game product that is still gestating :wink:

In the “Rule which St. Francis wrote for the Religious of St. Clare”, it says the following:

“Let the young persons who are received into the Convent before they have attained the requisite age have their hair cut off round…”

How, exactly, would that look? Google isn’t being a friend. :frowning:


I would describe that as a “pudding basin” cut. The front of the hair is cut with a short, straight fringe and then the rest of the hair is cut to the same short length, all round the head.


Look up tonsure.

(I got there by googling Saint Francis haircut.)

Not sure how this fits the quoted passage.


I would just call it “Moe hair”. XD


Yes, exactly that!

If you do a Google search, you’ll see plenty of pics of little 1970s-era kids looking like their day couldn’t get any worse. :smiley:


That’s what we might also call a pageboy cut.

I tried looking through Google images for paintings of young girls in convents from the 13th century (thinking less portrait than pastoral paintings). Many you can’t tell the cut because they have a head covering or their hair is pulled back and in a bun or something. Most of the ones listed as from that time period it looks like the girls with short hair had bangs that were parted in the center and came down to jaw length or slightly longer.

My guess from my extensive 5 minute study is that it would refer to hair between jaw and shoulder length with the front and back equal length and the front parted in the middle.


Helps keep the celibacy requirement. :wink:


I think the OP was talking about the nuns, not the friars. The nuns, of course, did not have tonsures. :smiley:


I believe a pageboy hairstyle is a longer and more stylish cut! The sort I’m thinking of is more like this:

I’ve seen a picture of my mother and her sisters from the 1930s where they all had a similar haircut to the one this little boy has, but slightly longer. Mum told me gran used to actually put a pudding bowl on their heads and cut around the edge.


Helped keep the vow of celibacy…for either sex:D


Thanks a lot, friends, that was very helpful! :thumbsup: Now to find me some artists. :slight_smile:

(And yes, the quote from my first post was about the Sisters under St. Clare, not the Friars.)


It’s a bald circle
NB: this is for religious not secular

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