A Happy Confession


I felt I just had to share this experience. I’ll be as brief as possible {but we’ll see!}

A couple of weeks ago, I committed some mortal sins. Being {frankly} stupid, I waited so long before going to Confession. {There’s no excuse, really.} So, this morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m. so that I could drive over to the nearest church and go to Confession. {They were having Mass at 6:00 a.m. and Confession prior to Mass.}

It was a relatively normal Confession. What I really appreciated though were the little details. After I confessed my sins, the priest asked if I had received the Eucharist at any point during being in a state of mortal sin. I told him I had not. After it was all over, he reminded me that he’s in the Confession “box” {as he put it} everyday and that if I commit another mortal sin, to go directly to Confession and not wait.

Okay, I know it doesn’t seem like much. However, that was the first time a priest had ever asked if I had received the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin. {I think it was probably because I sounded so young [at only 21]. He couldn’t see me.} Fortunately, I already knew not to receive unless I’m in a state of grace. I just appreciated that he didn’t want me to be in the dark about it, though. Like I said earlier, the little details made this simple Confession that much more special. Of course, getting absolved from my sins and back into a state of grace was most definitely the best part!

I have no idea if I made any sense whatsoever! I just wanted to share with y’all my happy Confession story.
Feel free to discuss a time whenever you experienced a great Confession. {Perhaps it’s every time. ;)}


I always love hearing happy confession stories. Thanks for sharing.


Here’s mine: Sometimes in my nervousness, I forget to tell the priest how long it’s been since my last Confession. This last time, after confessing something that I have been struggling with, a priest asked how long it’s been. It sounds small, but it made a good impression on me for some reason.


Thanks for sharing! I’m glad that the priest took that little extra time and thought with you.

I went to Confession on my birthday (it happened to be the day Confessions are scheduled). Usually the priest makes a few comments that seem to have been pre-written for every penitent, but on that day he directed the comments to me specifically; he said something like, “You have a sensitive conscience; that’s a precious gift from God, so protect it.” Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t “bother” the priest with venial sin or imperfection, so it was encouraging to know that he didn’t feel “bothered.”


God bless that priest for being so good.

I pray that we will have more priest who can balance a stern, paternal concern with kind, pastoral direction.

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