Uh, just found out Loraine Boettner is a guy, an anti-Catholic guy at that. Boettner wrote A Harmony of the Gospels, a dandy little interweaving of the Gospels in chronological order as best as possible. So is there a Catholic version of this exercise? Kinda embarrassing to have it around considering his self-destructive habit of bashing the Roman Catholics. His lack of scholarship in this regard really undermined his reputation. So? Anyone? :confused:

It seems from the link that Loraine Boettner had a 3-4 degrees and wrote more theologically based papers than either you or I could write so saying he has a lack of scholarship is more of a biased opinion that has no logical backing (but that’s just my two cents on the way you worded it).

To get back, I currently have an NIV Harmony of the Gospels by Robert Thomas and Stanley Gundry that serves its purpose well. It provides little commentary (Harmonies shouldn’t). Also, there would be nothing wrong with reading Boettner’s compiled Harmony, Harmonies are all Scripture so there isn’t anything he could do to involve his Anti-Catholic opinion.

Is a harmony of the gospels even necessary? When the Bible was being compiled they didn’t choose to do it. It seems that each gospel is meant to stand on its own.

I have three harmonies of the Gospels, but none of them would fit your needs. Many because they are authored by Protestant scholars, or the main contributors are all Protestant.

With that being said, let me at that there is no need for a “Catholic Version” of a harmony of the gospels, because such an endeavor is a reference book that does not comment on theology (Protestant or Catholic), but rather cross reference stories, parables, events appearing in the various gospels.

There seems to be a misunderstanding by many who are unfamiliar with theological scholarship, that fore some reason only “Catholic” versions of one topic or another can be examined. Theology is being confused with apologetics. They are not the same.

If one’s faith is sufficiently grounded, and their knowledge of Catholic dogma and doctrine is deep enough, there is nothing to fear about researching academic theology by non-Catholics.

If you look into the theologians most respected by who is probably the pre-eminent Catholic theologian of our age (emeritus Pope Benedict XVI), we find the vast majority are German (no surprise) Protestants.

See this article on the Diatessaron, a second century harmonization.

by St. Augustine.
The Harmony of the Gospels

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