A holy hour with Pope Francis, globally, to be held at all parishes - 11am EST

It was mentioned at our mass this morning. 4pm BST.


As was announced earlier this week by the Holy See, tomorrow, Sunday June 2, a worldwide hour of Eucharistic adoration will be held, starting at 5 pm in Rome (that is, 11 am Eastern Time). Pope Francis will lead the Holy Hour from St. Peter’s Basilica (to be broadcast live here).

From the Vatican Information Service, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization, explains the significance of the event, the theme of which is “One Lord, One Faith”:

Hehe. That’s exactly when mass starts over here.

Going to be interesting to see all of the CINO"S have a huff-n-puff if they have to remain a few extra minutes after Mass today. Our Mass is at 11:00 am est. I can’t wait :smiley:

That wasn’t very nice. :frowning:

:smiley: Yea, I know, but I couldn’t resist… To make a long story short we have a rather large group of “watch watchers” at our parish and have even had them approach the Parish Council about the length of Mass at our parish and have threatened the council that they will leave the parish if Mass is too long :eek: Hard to believe, but true!!!

For us, the hour of Adoration began immediately after the 10:00 Mass. An entire congregation “trapped”. Not to worry. Nothing can hold them in. Not even a private audience with the King of the Universe. For the first 15 minutes, most of what we heard was the church doors opening and closing as most of the congregation escaped to their cars. By the end, there were perhaps 40 people left. I felt embarrassed for Jesus. I kept apologizing to him for it. What could there be that was so important to rush off to?

Makes me wonder how any of those people can possibly think they want to go to heaven. If they can’t stand a few unrequired minutes in Jesus’ presence in this life, how could stand eternal life in his presence?

I didnt go to my parish for the Holy hour so i did one at home.

We had our Corpus Christi procession at that time :thumbsup:

We had or Corpus Christi procession and Benediction :highprayer: at that time - Awesome!

:thumbsup: :amen:

Same thing happened at our church. But you had a lot of people left over, we had about 10-15.

We had a very poor showing at our parish for our 9 am Holy Hour as well. To be fair, though, some attended the noon Mass at our Cathedral which had the Corpus Christi procession immediately after. So I drove across town and attended both.

It is alarming that during these days when we are sinking so low in society and the Lord remains our Only Hope, the weekly numbers of Adorers never increase, but often decrease. We have several open early morning hours for our diocesan Perpetual Adoration that we’ve tried to get filled for over a year now. Our bishop made the statement that since the Eucharist was secured during those 1- 6 am times, that it was acceptable to leave if there was no one assigned to cover the next hour (s).

It breaks my heart to do so after we have finished our normal hour at 2 am, but it is impossible for us to stay every week for the three hours our Precious Jesus is left alone.

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