A Hospital Paralyzed by Hackers



**A hospital in Los Angeles has been operating without access to email or electronic health records for more than a week, after hackers took over its computer systems and demanded millions of dollars in ransom to return it.

The hackers that broke into the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center’s servers are asking for $3.6 million in Bitcoin, a local Fox News affiliate reported. Hospital staff are working with investigators from the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI to find the intruders’ identities.

Meanwhile, without access to the hospital’s computer systems, doctors and nurses are communicating by fax or in person, according to an NBC affiliate. Medical records that show patients’ treatment history are inaccessible, and the results of X-rays, CT scans, and other medical tests can’t easily be shared. New records and patient-registration information are being recorded on paper, and some patients have been transferred to other hospitals.**

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Wow! How tragic! :frowning:



This just highlights the dangers of the race to make everything digital and do away with paper records.


I’m surprised it took this long for something like this to happen.


Well, it took SONY two weeks to break the NKorea hack. You would think the FBI would be able to solve Cyber extortion for a hospital in a week though. Don’t they back up regularly to Iron Mountain or some place like that?

Awful situation.


paid $17,000 ransom:



Happened too me once Te ransom demand $5,00 I declined and restored from backup AND implemented a lot stronger security


One problem with relying on backups is that a lot of malware like this will also encrypt data on any mapped network drives it can find, which often includes backups. One way to stop this is to have a separate backup system offline and only connect to it when needed, but that’s less convenient and requires manual intervention, so it’s less likely to be used.


We have an offline back up service. In house Backups never made much sense to me. Back in the old days when we did tape backups we took one home with us but if you are backing up to a local drive you are toast if you have a fire

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