A House Worthy of Occupancy


We are loved more by God than satan hates us. This we are assured over and over again.

   But at times where the opportunity could arise and prove this out, we are left wanting. Every now and then there are subtle

indicators that this may not be so. Ever the opportunists, we are told angels will assist us where required. But in one area the initiative is not present.

   Take the case where one is making headway in his fight with chronic sin. His struggle against the foe warrants assistance but receives none.

   In Luke 11,24, instead of clarification, conveys this subtle revelation of our true worth. The unclean spirit wanders the wastes searching for a place, the result of the present battle within the man and his having "cleansed the house". It comes back, then goes out to search for more spirits to join him. 

   There is something that is not quite right with this story meant for inspiration. It sends the message we are to be on our continuous guard and ensure the house remains cleaned, but 

we ask if the house is clean, why is it not worthy for 8 clean spirits to take his place. If it is filled with enough angels to warrant the degree of attainment of cleanliness, how are evil spirits to return. There would be no room for them.

    Remember, Jesus is saying the house is cleansed, it warrants any clean being to abide there if it chose. Their IS justification for some to be there.

    One would think the overpowering love of God would pore into the cleansed room, long awaited for it to be so. Angels would take the initiative and cause a barrier for the return of evil, untill the next choice disqualifies the house.

     Now we know, we are loved less than we are hated by satan.



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