A Jehovah's Witness came to my house today.....

Well my little sister and I were playing a video game when the doorbell rang. My sister answered it and I heard an elderly lady say to her (paraphrasing), “Hello, if you could give this to your parents tell them that they are invited to come. It’s free. Have a nice day!” My sister came back with a little piece of paper title, “How Can You Survive the End of the World? You are Warmly Invited to Come and Listen to the Answer.” It went on to describe a free Jehovah’s Witness convention in Dayton, Ohio (I live in Cincinnati) that will talk about how the end of the world is near and to “Keep on the Watch!”

P.S. What I thought was funny was when my sister came back she said it was something about a Catholic thing (she hates religion)! She didn’t read it when the lady gave it to her. I then told her a bit about the JW’s.

Hello! It’s the end of the world! Are you prepared! Have a nice day!

Woof! That’s a lot to unload, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmm…free…I wonder if they’ll have snacks? :smiley:

I was playing video games too when they showed up, but I was in the middle of a part you can’t pause in so I didn’t get the door. :wink:

oh Dtmc…your too funny :stuck_out_tongue:

The JW’s are making another prediction on the end of the world? When do they say it will be this time? :rolleyes:

when I was 13 (was not a christen then) I was wandering around the house naked (no one else home) when some JW’s came a calling again for the 5th time, so I opened buck naked and said to them come on in your just in time for the virgin sacrifice can I get you a cup of goats blood? I’ve never seen anybody run so fast down the street and it had the benifit of them avoiding my house ever since.

Hi Everyone,

I know that the JW’s see it much different than us. They believe the 1st 144,000 members are all going to see God, the rest will die and live on this earth in perfect harmony with all living creatures. It’s a nice scenario. You are with your family living in perfect harmony with all forms of life. That beautiful. BUT, it’s not biblical.

I have several acquantances with JW’s. They are such very good and kind people.I told several of them that I wish that I, as a Catholic, could live life so well according to God design. I told them I felt ashamed of myself. They said don’t feel that way. We hang out in groups of JWs so we can’t be threatened by outside influences.

Good people, but I am a Catholic and will hopefully always remain with the true Church of Christ.

Vivat Jesus,


Personally, I don’t see how anyone could be a Jehovah’s Witness with all of their failed predictions. It makes no sense to me. How do they explain away these failed predictions anyway? :shrug::confused:

Slight correction: those who were good but not of the 144,000 will continue to live on earth in perfect happiness/harmony. The bad will cease to exist since the JWs don’t believe in hell.

Here are some of their door-to-door strategies:

Strategies of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

and here are some of their history and beliefs:

History of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Fair call. :thumbsup:
I’m a JW and I wondered about that. A while back I did a big hunt on the failed expectations they’ve had over the decades and satisfied myself.

In fact that convention our mate here got invited to addressed that very question.

If it is a serious question (“How do they explain away…”) I could explain.
But you might not like the answer.

Oh, hot diggity dog! Please come in, you want to talk about faith? God? Salvation? I’m always ready for those of the JW faith. I’m not the top dog when it comes to Catholic apologetics, but I can certainly hold my own! Please, please, come on in brother/sister! Coffee or a glass of pop while we chat?

It’s too funny. I’m not a JW but one thing I do respect is there eagerness to spread their gospel. Although they are different in their beliefs, you guys should hear yourselfs.

Do you guys actually know what most Mormons, JW’s and Christians think about RCC?
They say the same thing about you guys. That your in a pagan religion, that your babylonion and you don’t even realize it. Yet you guys get highly offended when anyone suggests such a notion but here you are (not all of you) making fun of this children of God.

Shouldn’t we love them?

Just a thought …:thumbsup:

ahhhhhh, i feel the same too

Coffee please. Milk 1 sugar. :slight_smile:

What do you want to know?

Nothing concerning the JW faith. I just want to share the teachings of Jesus Christ as manifested through the Roman Rite to you!

Oh, lighten up, I was just joshing! I do respect anyone’s belief, and I certainly know what other folks say about us. In the end, we will all stand before God on the Judgement day. If I offended anyone here I sincerely apologize.


Awe…I"m sorry Adonia…you didn’t have to apologize…I was just pondering how everyone thinks of each others faith…it kind of lends us to do the human emotion that says: “Get a load of this guy…” kind of thing…

We are all guilty of that…

Man! Can you wait for the day of truth? I can’t…because we will be glad to be in Yeshua’s presence but even if your or JW’s or LDS or any other faith is wrong…man I wouldn’t celebrate that…it sickens me to think of it…

What if my view of SS was wrong? And I roasted?
What if your view on Mary, the Pope etc was wrong and you roasted?
The JW’s LDS and so on…

This is just terrible!:frowning:

According to Yeshua’s word there will be people who will say, didn’t I know you and he will turn and say I never knew you! That is some scary stuff…that is our harsh reality!

I wish we could all be on one accord so no one was lost…not one…

Very well said. On his show which appears on EWTN, Father Groeschell was asked what his words will be when he appears before the Lord. He said: “Mercy Lord, Mercy on me!” I, a sinner agree with him wholeheartedly!

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