A Laboratory for Revitalizing Catholicism

While the thread title is that of the headline, the page title in the browser is “In Brazil, Growing Threats to Catholicism’s Sway.”

Ms. Fernandes said that big schisms persisted within the church in Brazil, between bishops in the Amazon who are focused on human rights, illegal deforestation and indigenous struggles, and the more conservative and traditional Catholic leadership in relatively prosperous southeastern Brazil.

Then there is the array of singing priests who belong to what is called Brazil’s Charismatic Catholic Renovation, a movement seeking to invigorate Catholic services with the kind of liveliness that parishioners often find at other churches. These priests have been embraced by the Vatican, but only to a point…

In an extension of the charismatic practices, some Catholic priests now perform “liberation Masses” resembling group exorcisms and welcome congregants who speak in tongues. While such aspects may be frowned upon by some in the Roman Catholic establishment, the charismatic movement has clearly struck a chord among many worshipers.

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