A lengthy view of "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction

Hi all, yes I am new here and haven’t made any posts. I am sorry about that, I only recently discovered this place. I have been posting for a while on personal develoment forum and found many people promoting the Secret and the Law of Attraction. They are really big into intention manifestation. The idea really bothered me, so I have been researching and pondering and I came up with a lengthy argument as to why I think it will fail and also why I think it ought to be avoided by Christians. I am going to call attention to the post at the other forum, but I would be interested in having some Christian support in the comments, especially if there are flaws that can be identified. I will be checking in here from time to time, for further thoughts and comments on this.

Please check out the article, Why the Law of Attraction Will Fail

I would like to thank all that have looked at the article.
I have been running a debate on another forum about the whether the Law of Attraction would be unsanctioned by the Church. I think I stand alone on that site as most people are really into Intention-Manifestation and all that comes when you learn the Secret.

I’ m sure there are holes in my argument. I was inspired at felt rushed to get it to print so to speak, so that I could offer something to ponder for the readers at the other forum.

I have been reading similar threads on this site and see that most members of this forum meet the Secret with a little more reasonable speculation. There were some really insightful comments.

My question, for those that have read my article. Are there any obvious flaws with my article that might weaken my position that Catholics ought not use the Law of Attraction.

In case anyone is interested, I am listed as at newdad at stevepavlina.com/forum.

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