A Lenten Intention

This is sorrowfully needed. My hope is all here will join…


Interesting article. Sadly our society has devalued fathers (and mothers although they aren’t as easy to dislodge). The state comes in to support children if the father abandons them. Welfare systems have devalued fathers as well making them little more than ‘sperm donors’ and removing benefits if there is a father in the home instead of trying to provide incentives for the father to support his kids. Abortion is another issue and while I suppose it seems like Catholics “always bring things around to abortion” the free access has made it much easier for men to abandon their pregnant women or to pressure them to abort.

I saw a very interesting interview with a writer who focuses a lot on history and the history of morals and values. She said that the illegitamecy rate in 1960 was 5%. It’s now 30% for whites and 70% for non-whites. Do we think this points to the devaluation of fathers? Who needs 'em right? Of course then we see 80% of the young men incarcerated were in fatherless homes and the message becomes very clear.

Lisa N

What has really happen was a change in power from men to women. The men got tired of hearing, the women say they got it wrong, an gave the job over to women. Now the women got it wrong.

**In truth, it requires both. Let try working together.

Family. Family. Family.**

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