A light at the end of the tunnel


As many of you know my situation being relocated to CO for work away from my family in MO (a pregnant wife and 3 children). I know have a brief update:

:extrahappy: What a glorious day!! I got a call from one of my many recruiters and found out that one of the jobs that I interviewed for (the one that I was most interested in) wants me to come back for a second interview. As I know, this does not guarantee a job, but it is a step in the right direction! :extrahappy:

I am so excited and so thankful! Thankful to God, thankful to all of you that have prayed, thankful to all those from CAF that have prayed. I know that there are trials that could be worse, but this has been tough. CAF has been a God send, a great source of strength for us.

All praise, glory and honor to God for this great news. :highprayer: This is just a small victory, I know that the road ahead is still tough. I have about a 4 hour long interview process on Friday and need all the strength that God can give me to impress them so as to get an offer to work for them. :crossrc:

I ask for your continued prayers and I will continue to offer you up as well. As I mentioned in the prayer intentions board, I am offering up prayers of thanksgiving in my conversation with Jesus today so bring them on. Let me know what I can offer up in thanksgiving for you.



Awesome MirrorX2!!! We will be praying here…:crossrc::crossrc:


Yay! Great news! Prayers for your interview on Friday. :gopray2:

Is the job back in MO?


Yeah it is!!


Sorry about the :stuck_out_tongue: smiley. Another message board I go to has different smilie codes. :o


No worries. A fellow St. Louisian! Nice to meet others that are from the midwest. There are a lot of us On this thread right here so come join us.


Did I mention there is a slight chance that I may be relocating to St Louis???


No you did not. Why is that? What part of St. Louis? For work? The more faithful Catholics the better. We need more of us to defend Archbishop Burke. If you want to join in the aforementioned (whoa big word :whacky:) thread, come on and we can talk about all the great things in St.Louis. My wife is on that thread and can let you know more than I can.


One of the companies I work for needs an import/export broker in that location. I have talked to the president of that company about giving that job to my dh if they can find a job in my field for me there (I am the Director of Information Technology for the parent company now). We have some very lucrative deals on the table for companies wanting to either buy our bio-diesel process or have us run their refineries. I guess the best place to import in our area is St Louis. We are in central IL now (about 4 hours from St Louis). We have so many different companies it would make your head spin… I know it does mine! Originally I was hired to work for our Structural Health Monitoring company because it is hardware and software and I have worked in both for many years, but my job on a day to day thing is to keep everybody’s computers working and talking to each other… and to install internet cameras at our remote sites so boss can watch the sites anytime he wants. We would have to live just over the border on the Illinois side because DH has a daughter that lives in IL… (actually closer to St Louis than to us) but I hate East St Louis, so we would have to see.

My boss is what you would consider ADHD of business owners… 400,000 acres farming land, owns and operates 2 marinas(and a boat storage facility), 1 Demolition Company, 1 Structural Health monitoring research company, Bio-Diesel company, Outdoor recreation company, real estate stuff, car dealership, raises cattle and deer…etc… Like I said my boss is ADHD!!!


Just got a call back from my other recruiter and the other company that I interviewed with is doing second interviews with 3 out of the 6 candidates. I am one of the candidates :extrahappy:

The day just gets better!!

Praise God!!


That is awesonme news, Mirror Mirror. I am praying that you and your family will be reunited soon!


Finally, some hope for you! I can’t wait to hear about these results!


REally? For your job, I assume? (duh!:confused: ) How is your situation right now? With all that has been going on w/ you, that is… (don’t mean to hijack hubby’s thread;)):smiley:


Thank you all so much for your continued concern and prayers for us. I will be sure to update you (or my wife will) as soon as we have a chance.

I cannot take much more flying. :frowning:


Honey, read post #9 :thumbsup: not sure if you got that far in the thread.


Nevermind, BlestOne, just finally read the whole thread…no need to re-explain!! :smiley:


Still praying here!!!


Great news, Mirror Mirror! Good luck!



Just a little update:

Well I now know that one of my second interviews will be Friday moning at 9AM, lasting about 3 hours. I just found out that I am one of two that they have brought back for a second interview. My other second interview is Monday at 11AM and should last about an hour. I am one of three that they are bringing back for a second interview.

Going to be doing a lot of :signofcross: in the next several days.

I appreciate all your prayers for me during this time as well as for my family. Please pray that I have a safe trip home and that I am able to “knock their socks off” in the interview so I can be back in MO sooner rather than later.


…Joining you in those prayers…:crossrc:

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