A link for prayers in Latin, with English translation



There’s some good stuff on the preces latinae site :yup: not that I ever pray privately in Latin.

I love some of the Little Offices and stuff - they’re good to say as an additional devotion alongside the regular LOTH if one has the time and energy :slight_smile:

Little Offices plural? Other Offices beside the Little Office of the BVM?:confused:

Surprisingly, I still do. If you count singing/chanting in the truck (lorry?) on the way to work and back home. I chant the Pater Noster, Gloria, and Ave Maria. I could chant the rosary except that my venom for the idiots on the road precludes it. :smiley:

I want to emphasize that this is not me “acting out” extraordinarily. I grew up singing these. I not only served as an altar boy before Vatican II but kids learned to sing Latin BEFORE they made their First Communion. So yes, indeed, I do pray in Latin. And, a lot of times, I have a Mass setting on in the truck and as St. Augustine said, “He who sings, prays twice”.

In this, I remember my ancestors. Those who have gone before to become members of the Church Suffering or the Church Triumphant.


Most of 'em are a lot shorter :slight_smile: - basically hymns, antiphons and concluding prayers that you can use instead of or additionally to those of the regular LOTH, except they only cover one day.

Look in the index, under ‘Officium Parvum’ and ‘Parvum Officium’.

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