A link you should see by the Franciscans of the Immaculata


marymediatrix.com/magazine/archive/ The ones that make it have St. Maximillian Mary Kolbe as their patron (for lack of a better word), as they are Franciscans. He was really a brilliant guy! They are really into Mary being declared, as a dogma, Mary as Coredemptrix, Advocate and Mediatrix (of all graces). I guess Lumen Gentium stated as much, but not formally defined and beliefs in these roles of her go back into antiquity. It seems the Pope is being requested to make them dogma. Anyway, on the bottom right of the page, there seems to be an electric sample mag. I reported; you decide.

They have a magazine that is only $30 a year and will be out 6 times a year, but will be thick. If you are too poor for that, they’ll work something out for you. I read one and it looks good to me.

If you are into Marian locutions, One of the owners of the land the friars are on, allegedly has been receiving locutions. The bishop knows of this, but does not disapprove. maryschildren.com covers that. Nothing since '97 has been made public.

I apologize if this info. has already been posted, but even if so, it can get lost in the unseen posts you might only see again by accident or on purpose in a search.


So the bishop approves of the locutions? Is there a letter stating this, as there always is one regarding private revelations?


I think that “does not dissapprove” does not always mean “approve”. :slight_smile:

I have subscribed to the magazine for awhile now. It is great magazine.


I noticed that these people had an article calliing Chalcedon a “Marian” council.

Sorry. It was a CHRISTOLOGICAL council.

Our Lady doesn’t need lies told about her.


You should look at the wider body of work to see if they would be up to no good. Maybe one of them made a mistake. When someone like Obama says something wrong, well, if not lying as a left-winger (as is common regarding life sciences), it’s very likely he’s lying as a politician.

I don’t see these people as doing that, but I can’t read their minds, so I could be wrong. Maybe they have a track record of bad info. and its on the net. Still, one on Catholic forums said he/she likes what he/she read in their Missio Immaculatae International magazine and they do follow the Vatican 2 guidelines the way most parishes should have been doing (similar to EWTN’s), so I wouldn’t accuse them of anything unless one or two more big mistakes would be made. Even then, the most you could say is that they’re unreliable.

I’m not a Church history scholar, but Jesus does want us to go to his mother, even if it’s in saying a prayer to him or the other two persons of the Trinity, because she offers them up in a favorable way and she dispenses graces from the inexhaustible treasury for him. They’re a team, just like King Solomon and his mom. Was the Christic and Marian relationship covered in Chalcedon?


Ave Maria!


Thanks for the input. The article you refer to is clear that the council of Chalcedon is a Christological council. Fr. Peter merely points out the Marian dimension to the particular Christological heresy, in that, just as the Protestants are God-alone in their theology to the exclusion of human cooperation and so are weak on Mary’s cooperation so too is Eutyches weak on Mary for the same reason, he focuses on God alone, that Christ has only one nature, divine, and denies His human nature.

The point is that Christology and Mariology are closely related. For example, Fr. Peter in the same article also refers to Nestorianism (to which Eutyches is an over reaction) which is definitely a Christological heresy yet it was resolved by the proclamation of the Marian dogma of Theotokos (Mary is Mother of God) at the Council of Ephesus. So, in the title, Fr. Peter uses a rhetorical technique of calling the council Marian when everyone knows it is Christological in order to point out this close relation, all of which is made clear in the article which you may find very edifying and informative to read. Fr. Peter is a preeminent Marian scholar.

Hope that helps.

Friar Roderic M, FI


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