A litany of 'thou shalt nots': Catholic teachers challenge morality clause

Wow, great news. The Catholic Schools are having the teachers sign moral contracts in which many non-adhering and morally lax teachers may have to agree and support Catholic Dogmas and teaching especially around current issues and trends. Homosexuality, cohabitation, abortion and so on. IT’S ON!!! How can we further support what the Catholic educational boards in what they are doing. Great news. The non supporter teachers are up in arms. See CNN for more info. on this hot article. edition.cnn.com/2014/05/30/living/catholic-teachers-morality/index.html?eref=edition :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Yeah, great news I guess. But…sad as well. Sad, in that this is the sorry state of our Catholic schools. Why in the world is it so hard to accept, that to teach at a Catholic school, it will be expected of you to live up to and respect Catholic morals and standards…to adhere to Catholic doctrine? Look at this quote from one teacher;

“It is an embarrassment and a scandal, and will drive even more Catholics away from an institution so out of touch with its times,” said a high school English teacher for 50 years.
He’s leaving his job rather than sign because he’s opposed to “the language, the intent, and the tone of this contract,” he says.

No…the one who’s out of touch is you! What is an embarrassment and a scandal, is the fact that you were ever even allowed to teach in a Catholic school for 50 years with that attitude! Boy…this makes me long for the days of old, being taught by the Sisters of Charity! It says that he’s leaving his job rather than sign because he’s opposed to *“the language, the intent, and the tone of this contract,” *And to that I would say; Good riddance…and don’t let the door hit you in the keister on the way out!!!

Peace, Mark

Gosh, ok I will switch jobs with that person, he can go to public schools and be secular, and I will gladly take his job at a Catholic school… I do NOT get a secular POV from any educator at a Catholic school, not at all. It is like getting a job as a Dentist and practicing cardiology.

What’s sadder to me is the teacher who thinks that in order to say on with the school, she must basically disown her son. And yet, no one corrects her on this. WHY? WHY?? Where is the archdiocese to clearly communicate Catholic teaching instead of leaving it up to CNN and other media outlets? Why not get out in front of the story instead of letting people’s imaginations run wild with fairy tales such as “Catholics hate homosexuals”?

How do you know that the Diocese has NOT tried to correct this? Do we assume that because CNN does not report it that it did not happen? Or maybe it did happen and either, a) CNN chose to leave that out or, b) the teacher obstinately rejected the correction from the Diocese. - - - or maybe both…

I don’t know for sure - I have not been following this - But we all know that there are many things done in the world that are not reported by the news outlets.


Good for the Catholic schools! I am a married woman with 5 grown kids. My youngest daughter is gay–or SSA, as the current PC term goes. There are 2 organizations out there that I always sing praises about on this subject whenever I am asked. Some parishes have active groups for both of these–but many don’t, especially smaller parishes. BUT, if not, there’s a free, on line group for each. I live in Alaska and we haven’t got much here, so I joined Encourage on line about a year ago. One of my great regrets is that when my daughter came out about 10 years ago, neither of these groups were out there–or if they were, they were still pretty few and far between. Thus, I made every mistake out there that a parent can make, all while trying to deal with her. These two specific groups are fantastic–every bit as good in helping Catholic homosexuals and their grieving families as this forum–CAF–is at answering basic general Catholic questions.One word of caution, there are several groups that advertise themselves as offering “Catholic based help” to homosexuals and their families—but most of them aren’t what they say. They are all about katowing to the gays and not making them feel that they are living in sin if they are living the active homosexual lifestyle—which is of course, exactly what the gays want to hear, but also is a crock of cr#p!

COURAGE is the group for Catholic gays who are trying to remain pure by living chastely. ENCOURAGE is the support group for families and is what I belong to. I think that all Catholic schools and churches should make this info available to even the older grade school kids (not the really little ones, but by say, 4th or 5th grade). If the church doesn’t, the secular world will fill the kids’ minds with lies–and that’s where the true fun usually really begins–at least such was the case with my daughter.

I’m sure she knows full well that it has nothing to do with “disowning” her son. People just twist things like that to get an emotional response.

There is a chance, of course, that some of the Sisters of Charity who taught you in school did not adhere well to the teachings–seeing as the teaching is also that we are all sinners.
With a contract like this, perhaps some of them would have not been able to teach you.

A contract like this also may shut out excellent teachers who are not Catholic (do all the teachers at a Catholic school need to officially be Catholic?). But I suppose that is not the priority here.

But it is VERY good that they are being clear with their employees with what they expect and demand so no one is surprised or unaware.


Is there a group like this for heterosexuals trying to remain pure by living chastely?
Or, are they mixed together?


Why should qualifications matter? The dentist might CARE about heart patients. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t that enough? So what if people die! Then we’ll just all sit in a corner and cry together. :sadyes:

Shouldn’t “caring” always be rewarded? :rolleyes:

A contract like this also may shut out excellent teachers who are not Catholic (do all the teachers at a Catholic school need to officially be Catholic?). But I suppose that is not the priority here.

The idea behind a Catholic school should always be to give a good Catholic education. I’m sure if the free market is allowed to work, the quality of teaching will largely be solved for most persons satisfactorily.

It’s kind of hard to get points across when scandal and hypocrisy are present.

Think about it: If one is having sex outside of marriage or living with a significant other, yet teaching a religion class that says these sins potentially mean eternal damnation, what message is getting sent to kids?

Hope it works.

Keep in mind that this news article is from CNN. Like most organizations in the MSM, it tends to lean to the political left; a position that has been notoriously anti-religion since forever. Naturally they want to make the Church sound like the bad guy and are not willing to entertain any other opinions; particularly ones that conflict with theirs.

IOW, take it with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:

Just a quick thought on this matter…

The president - the congress - and every soldier, sailor, marine and airman must take an oath (sign a contract) to uphold, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

If they do not wish to do so - then they should not be in that line of work.

Same for those who teach in Catholic Schools - if they do not wish to “protect and defend” the teachings of the Catholic Church - then they should not be in this line of work.


Here are some recent comments from Bishop Barber on this:

This May, a controversy erupted in your diocese over changes in your teacher employee contracts. You explained that the new language, which clarifies the responsibility of teachers to model Catholic values — in and out of the classroom — underscores a basic truth: “Each of our Catholic elementary and secondary schools is an integral part of the mission and ministry of the Catholic Church.” Would you explain what that means?
By the fact that “Catholic” is on the masthead of your school, it means you stand for certain ideals. The school is part of the Church, and the Church is part of Christ.
We have to faithfully represent what Christ and the Church stand for. Every teacher is a role model for the students, whether they are teaching P.E. or math. The classroom is their pulpit, and they will help form their students as young adults.
As an employer, my approach to teacher contracts was not to make a list of prohibitive behavior, but, rather, to set an expectation.
That begins by posing the question: What is the mission and goal of education in a Catholic school?
The next step is to describe the role of Catholic education and then invite our laypeople to accept that mission and vision. If they can’t accept that invitation, than a Catholic school will not be a good fit for them, and a public school might be better.
Unfortunately, some Catholic schools haven’t paid attention to Catholic identity. When things drift, alternative visions replace Catholic identity.
When I articulated my vision, one teacher wrote to say, “Who are you to change the mission of the school?” She said the mission of the school was to create an “inclusive and diverse” community, and, according to how those terms are understood today, that usually means all opinions are welcome at the table, except for Christ’s.
The controversy has been spurred by a few teachers and some parents who are not in agreement with most teachings of the Church.
On May 27, when I met with the faculty of Bishop O’Dowd High School, we went around the table, and most agreed that Christ should be the point of reference and that the new language in the contracts did not need to be changed.
I left the meeting relieved and happy that the faculty and I are in agreement. Without common agreement on what it means to be a teacher in a Catholic school, each person becomes the sole arbiter for what is acceptable. That is an untenable situation that creates tensions and confusion across the school community.
When Christ and Church teaching set the standard for Catholic education, we are challenged to look outside ourselves. As the bishop of the diocese, I am called to follow that same standard — I don’t make up my own rules.

You were criticized in the press for including language in the teacher contracts that requires faculty to model Catholic teaching in and out of the classroom. You said there were no plans to “examine teachers’ private life.” Rather, the contract language is concerned with “the public manifestation of a practice or a belief contrary to Catholic morals or beliefs,” perhaps on social media, in a way that could undermine a “teacher’s ability to fulfill [his or her] ministry as a role model in a Catholic school.” Would you explain the dispute?
Some people in the press say that when I ask teachers to model Catholic standards in their personal lives, I am violating their freedom of conscience.
I don’t think so. What you do in your private life is between you and God. But what you do in your private life that becomes public — either because you put something on Facebook or let all the kids know about it in class —becomes a source of scandal, and it directly affects your responsibilities as a teacher. That is what I am concerned about.


Applause for Archdiocese of Cincinnati :thumbsup:


Yes, I’ve noticed that with some Catholics - they’re not on board with this or that teaching and so they turn it into this big trauma the Church is imposing on them. I don’t want to sound unsympathetic, but I am talking about situations where what the person is saying is actually not a correct interpretation of Church teaching. It’s almost willful ignorance.

Please send a line of encouragement to the diocese. I am sure many liberals sent nasty things to them. Whoever agree with orthodox Catholic teaching should give the bishop encouragement.

Cincy must have a very active Catholic schools system.

I know for many areas in the country, the dismal enrollment of Catholic schools is of great sadness.

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