A Little Balance, Please!

A five-minute video with an extra large dose of truth and common sense about the Catholic sex abuse scandals:


Michael Voris is a beast! I love this guy!
Many people immediately attack the Church on this topic.

"It's a terrible problem for the Catholic Church. Why would you want to be Catholic when all of your priests are pedophiles?!"

I was recently reading an article on Common Faults in Human Thought: this is called 'Availability Heuristic.'
--It's when individuals tend to remember unusual events more than everyday, commonplace events.
--For example, airplane crashes receive lots of national media coverage. Fatal car crashes do not. However, more people are afraid of flying than driving a car, even though statistically airplane travel is safer. Media coverage feeds into this bias; because rare or unusual events such as medical errors, animal attacks and natural disasters are highly publicized, people perceive these events as having a higher probability of happening. :eek:

Check out this article as well. It might be a few years old, but I suspect hardly any of the statistics have changed.


May God have mercy on their souls.....:(

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