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I am a convert from Protestantism. Well, technically I am a revert - confirmed at age 12 IIRC. But I actually met the Lord personally just about 4 years ago, and after a few months of walking with Him, I started getting involved in Protestantism… convinced the Church was Mystery Babylon. Well, after completing undergrad I entered a Protestant Seminary to become a Pastor/Theologian. My gift has always been public speaking and teaching, and so going into the ministry seemed like the obvious route given my newfound passion for Jesus. Along the way, I became convinced that the fullness of the faith is found in the Catholic Church, and so I reverted. Upon reversion I immediately realized that all my student loans for Seminary, and all my time and effort put into my studies, and my dreams of being a great Preacher in a Protestant style mega church setting where I could use my gifts to teach the word of God were null. I did not gripe with God one bit about this. And to this day I do not gripe with God about this. I am glad to have become Catholic, because I am glad to have found the fullness of the Truth. But there remains one issue. God has been calling me now, in a very clear and distinct way, to pursue the Priesthood. And this is a beautiful and wonderful calling that I would be extremely honored to live out. To be a minister of the Sacraments and a servant of God! Wow. I would absolutely love to be a Priest. And after prayer, God has been able to show me the beauty of celibacy. Yet, I love children. I really want to get married, to have a wife to come home to at night, to spend my life with, to pray with, to make love to, to start a family together. I would make a great father. I know this. But the Church does not allow for both these things. I am requesting prayer for discernment, and for the strength to do God’s will… but if I am honest, I would much rather just have the Church change this discipline and make celibacy optional. I understand the beauty of Priestly celibacy and the benefits that celibacy gives to the level of personal commitment it allows a Priest to give to his parishioners. But marriage is beautiful as well. And we know from the Bible that many holy men of God who were great Priests before Him were married - and it is undeniable that their experience being married helped them to empathize with, counsel, and pray for the flock under their care. So, really, I just want the Church to change this discipline. But, more than that, I want to do God’s will. If it be God’s will for Priests to be allowed to get married, that would be ideal in my eyes. If it be God’s will for me to sacrifice this desire and to become a celibate Priest, then I would be honored to do so (I just ask for the grace and strength to live it out). If it is not God’s will for me to be a Priest, and He just wants me willing to answer the call to celibacy, then… well, I don’t honestly think that is what is happening. Anyways. Pray for me y’all. Please. God bless.


What about the diaconate? It’s not the priesthood, but you could marry.


Praying for you.


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength, fortitude & wisdom in your discernment.


See your Vocations director.
For what it’s worth, there are Catholic Schools in DESPERATE need of Priest principals.
If God has shown you the value of celibacy, don’t assume that you will never work with families. A friend became a priest and his mother lamented, “oh I suppose I’ll never ever have grandchildren now!” And his answer was this:
“you’ll have thousands of grandchildren, you just won’t know all their names!”.

Best wishes. See the Vocations Director of your Diocese for real guidance.


Praise God for your openness to discern His will for your life!!! May He grant you peace and direction in your discernment. May His will prevail.
Peace and all good! :slight_smile:

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