A little confused after reading "Get Us Out of Here!"


Maria Simma, who is the one who talks to the souls in purgatory, made some statements in her book, and I wanted to know what the consensus was on them, because I am slightly confused.

She is asked if other religions have ever visited her from purgatory. She makes it clear that both Jews and Muslims have have visited her, and says that Our Lady has said that there was even a very saintly and holy muslim woman in the area of one of the visionaries in medjugorje.

I don’t want to judge, but Jesus Christ makes it clear that He is the only way to heaven, and these two religions don’t believe in Him as the Son of God. So how can this be? Is she implying that they believed in Jesus, because she doesn’t state it specifically or is something evil going on with her experiences?

It confuses me because the Catholic Church hasn’t made any statement against this book, and some priests and nuns support it.


It is against forum rules to discuss unapproved private revelations.

You should stick to reading the Church’s documents. Stop reading documents that sow confusion.


The Church can’t be bothered to speak out against every single book it disagrees with. Just because “some Priests & nuns” supposedly support this author, doesn’t mean the Church does. There are some Priests & nuns who unfortunatly support all sorts of things that go against the Church.

Medjugorge isn’t even an approved by the Church.

I don’t know what this woman’s experiences mean - whether they are actually happening or not is not of my concern in the least. As a previous poster said, if you’d like to read something inspiring read the Bible or the Church Fathers. Read stories about the Saints.


Thank you to all who participated.

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