a little confused

im sry if this is a stupid question - i jus really get confused with some matters in terms of mortal vs. venial. the main one i have trouble with is the honoring mother and father (no dont worry im not a horrible daughter :slight_smile: ) ok. say for example, one parent tells you you really shouldnt eat something any more. n then u do. then later u realize - wait a second - is what i did a mortal sin b/c it would be dishonoring? or getting frusterated with them and leaving? like what exactly would be dishonoring your parents? thanks for any advice . . .

I don’t think that eating something that your parents told you not to is a mortal sin. Mortal sins are of a grave matter, and unless you do something that seriously violates their will, then I don’t think it is really a grave matter. But, confess it anyway :smiley: As for what is dishonoring your parents, I would say anything that serious goes against their will, or something that diminishes someone’s view of them (or other big things to that effect), woule be a grave matter, and are mortal sins if you acknowledge that it’s wrong and do it anyway of your own free will.


From the catechism. Which is online. Link below.
**2199 **The fourth commandment is addressed expressly to children in their relationship to their father and mother, because this relationship is the most universal. It likewise concerns the ties of kinship between members of the extended family. It requires honor, affection, and gratitude toward elders and ancestors. Finally, it extends to the duties of pupils to teachers, employees to employers, subordinates to leaders, citizens to their country, and to those who administer or govern it.
This commandment includes and presupposes the duties of parents, instructors, teachers, leaders, magistrates, those who govern, all who exercise authority over others or over a community of persons.

ccc.scborromeo.org.master.com/texis/master/search/?sufs=0&q=fourth+commandment&s=SS read these for thorough explaination of the fourth commandment.
scborromeo.org/ccc.htm This is the catechism with a search facility.

Lets look at mortal sin

For a sin to be mortal the following conditions must be fulfilled.

Grave matter
Full Knowledge
Full consent to the act

So, for example

A grave matter would be to murder someone

Knowledge - you know killing someone is wrong -

Full consent
you do it anyway

That would be a mortal sin.

You fulfilled all three conditions.

Is that right??

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