A little confused.

I was in the area of my old parish a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t help but scratch my head when I saw the significant construction that was taking place with both church structures. Before I moved, I remember hearing of the great deal of debt that the parish was in and that they had a line of credit with the diocese to help pay down the debt. 2 and a half years ago, there was a 5 year plan to raise 4.5 million in total construction costs for both facilities. Well both projects are in full swing!!!

So I went on to the website and looked more into detail about this project. I saw the total cost of these renovations and the “suggested donations” for the parishioners. They were astounding!!! It started at 2500 dollars and went as high as the stars. In this time where people are losing their jobs left and right and the neighborhood is a high crime area, how could they ask people to donate more when they have nothing left to give??? It seems that the parish is losing touch with its parishioners even more and will continue to deal with huge debt.

The guns they’re pointing at your heads to force you to donate are upsetting, too. :smiley:

Well the parish has to have the support of parishioners to take on such a construction project.

It may be that the dioceses closed parishes and merged them into that parish and construction is needed.

When they close parishes, they look at a number of things, but here’s a few, not in any sort of order of priority.

  1. Real-estate value. Can the property be sold at a good price?

  2. Does the parish have good access for all people, especially poor people lacking transportation?

  3. Is the building worth upgrading?


There is no expectation or requirement for parishioners to give more than they are able. You are not required to give $2500, but there is certainly no shame on the Church for asking. The parish is stating her needs, and the parishioners who are able to meet it will step up. Those who can’t will still probably pitch in with what is comfortable. And if nothing is able to be given by means of finances in addition to regular tithing, then you can always give something different such as your time and your talent.

Could be the $2500 is for those who want their family name listed on a window or plaque as a memorial.

Otherwise it’s generally free-will offerings that are requested.


A suggestion is just that, a suggestion. Does not hurt to ask. What is pleasing to God will be accomplished.

I don’t think its that simple. Turns out they are under budget by 800K alone on 1 structure because of rising equipment costs. And that 2500 is the minimum of what they expect each individual or family to give. They are suggesting payment plans with interest if it can’t be done in a lump sum. Its like the parish visa card.

Looking at this, I’m glad I moved and am extremely happy in my new parish. I feel bad for those that have to weigh out this additional financial stressor.

Glad you found a parish that you are happy in. That is definitely a blessing.
Have received notices from our parish also for more money, for this or that, payment plans available. As I have already tightened my budget so much it hurts, I have no trouble ignoring these requests. Wonder how many meals they have missed just to survive?

It is hard to judge a situation like this when:

  1. you are still not a part of the parish
  2. I am sure that they got some kind of approval from the diocese to do this.

Maybe on the surface it seems foolish to go ahead a build but there is a lot of behind the scene stuff that you really don’t know. They might have gotten a very large donation from someone’s estate to start this etc. It is best not to judge a place when you are no longer a part of it. It is not your concern or worry anymore.

Ask the pastor where is he getting the money from.

I think I do have a fair grasp on their situation. Their finances are available for people to view and the basic math just dosent add up. And I do have friends in the parish still and they are having a hard time with it and facing the dilemma over whether to donate or not because they don’t want to be shunned.

Sorry but this is nonsense. The Church is asking. Nothing more. Nobody is expected to pay a minimum amount.
Please show us the notice which states what you are saying.

I know the canons are pointing at me and ready to fire when I say this.

Those parishoners have a good pastor because he is asking for their sake. The more they give, and the more it hurts, the more God will be in their midst. This is a blessing not a curse.

Jesus pointed to a women in the temple of gave a little bit of money. And he said she gave more than all the rest who gave much. She gave all she had, and not out of her excess.

I know it may sound like greed, but it isn’t. Any pastor worth the name should ask for more and more. Because “For with what measure you measure, it shall be measured to you.”

That pastor is a kind and spiritual man.

Just a few thoughts.

That’s kind of what I was thinking. This sounds to me like outsider gossip about a parish. After all, if the plan is to raise $2,500 over 4.5 years, that’s really not that much. It works out to a total of about 600 per year, which is 50 dollars a month, which translates to about $12.50 a week. That’s hardly an impossible request for most families, and even so it’s not REQUIRED of anyone to give.

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