A little help here?

We could use a little help over here. We’re outnumbered and can’t keep up.

(Link removed as per CAF Board Swarm policy)

Stop by if you can. It would be appreciated.

I’ll stop by and check it out…

Yikes! Tough crowd! Good luck…:banghead:

Very tough crowed indeed. One person posted that Satan had a body, in the “Satan has Eternal Life” thread. Even that thread title is enough to make you :banghead:

It is the tough crowds we must concern ourselves with. Stop by and help out.

Your post has been edited due to the inclusion of a request for other forum members to visit someone else’s website for the purposes of debate.

In an effort to illuminate and explain the Catholic faith, CAF makes every effort to provide our participants with a pleasant and informative place on the internet where Catholics and non-Catholics may gather.

It is our hope that respectful dialogue and discussion will lead to better faith understandings. And so in charity, we ask that our forums not be used for encouraging mass visits to other websites. In the past these kinds of efforts, although perhaps well intentioned, leave participants at other websites with negative impressions.

Your cooperation in helping promote these aims of faith exposition, hope for fruitful discussion and charity in implementation are sincerely appreciated.

It would be better for you to use the search engines here to search for or create threads asking for help in factual responses to allegations you encounter and, if you feel it’s worthwhile to copy and paste that info there.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Amen! We are available here to serve and assist you to the best of our ability.

If you Google Satan has Eternal Life, you will find that you are dealing mostly with Seventh Day Adventists. Are there any ex-sda here who knows of pro-catholic resources on the web by ex-sda?

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