A little help please.

Ok so few mornings ago I woke up doing something impure well I was half asleep and I had some knowledge of what I was doing but once I fully realized what I was doing I stop immediately . It has been troubling me and I don’t know If I have to confess it or not. I never meant to do it. Also for another question: when you are in the confessional when is the best time to ask the priest a question, like after you say your sins or before you say them. Thanks for anyone who answers these questions

  1. If there is a canonical priest available in your locale you have to contact the priest either at different times of the Catholic weekly Mass schedule or you approach the priest after Sunday Mass is concluded.

A) Familiarize yourself with the language of the approved Prayer books.
B) Practice reading your preffered Bible translation.
C) Sort out specific sins which come mind and prepare & memorize before the sacrament of confession.

God bless

In confession ask your questions whenever you get the courage to do so.

You must fulfill all of the following to have it considered a mortal sin:

Grave matter
Full knowledge
Deliberate consent


If you are plagued by feelings of “not being forgiven” or being “unworthy” of the Sacrament of Penance, don’t confess venial sins that you are doubtful about lest you find yourself with a case of “the scruples.” A “scrupulous” person is one who has “an unfounded apprehension and consequently unwarranted fear that something is a sin which, as a matter of fact, is not” (Catholic Encyclopedia). This doesn’t refer to isolated incidents, but to a habitual way of feeling or thinking, an unwarranted fear, a sort of emotional obsession; it doesn’t refer to true questions as to whether such and such a behavior is a sin or not. Anxiety is involved, and often a felt doubt as to the power of confession, the genuine-ness one’s contrition, and the extent of God’s mercy. If you have a good, orthodox Confessor, trust him and his advice, and tell him about any scruples you needlessly suffer from; he may be able to help you! And pray to St. Alphonsus Liguori, the great moral theologian who suffered from scruples himself and is now the patron saint of the scrupulous.

A while ago I had this too (and was worried about it for quite a while). But the priest told me that if I didn’t have “full knowledge” then it cant be a sin. You were half-sleep like I was.

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I usually confess the sins I don’t have a question about, then when I get to the last sin, I confess it and then ask my question.

When you go to confession,ask the Priest,for he,ll let you know weather you commited a sin.

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