A load of questions

I’m having a religious discussion and need the following questions anwsered:
a) Do we sacrafice Christ over and over in the eucharist?
b) Evidence against Sola scriptura
c) biblical proofs for apostolic succesion and papacy
d) overall proofs for catholic church

Try using the search feature, you’ll find more than enough for each of these subjects.


The Catholic Church teaches that the one, all-sufficient, bloody sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary is made present at each Mass in an unbloody manner. Christ is not re-sacrificed at each Mass; rather the Mass re-presents the one sacrifice of Calvary.

This is also the Lord’s Supper and repeats what was done at the Last Supper. Jesus turned bread into His body, and that His body would be offered up, sacrificed, for us. He then told us to, Luke 22:19, “. . . Do this in commemoration of me.” 1 Corinthians 11:26, St. Paul tells us that in the celebration of the Eucharist we " shall show the death of the Lord, until he come." (some versions “proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes.”)

b) Ask this individual to show you a where in the Bible that state “Scripture is all sufficient or all exclusive.” They will probably point out 2 Timothy 3:15. When they bring this up tell them that you agree. Scripture is inspired and profitable. No where does this passage imply that Scripture is exclusive. Read the 2 previous verses. St. Paul is reminding St. Timothy who he learned from. This is a great case for Apostolic Succession! Plus the Scriptures St. Paul refers to is the Old Testament (The NT was not fully written and the Bible was not even close to being developed. That won’t be for 300 more years or so). Read 1 Timothy 3:15. St. Paul writes that the Church is the pillar and grounds of the Truth . . . not Scripture.

c) Tons of Biblical proof:

Point out 2 Timothy 2:2

d) The entire New Testament. For Biblical proof I again refer you to www.scripturecatholic.com

I second the scripturecatholic suggestion.







Ryan :slight_smile:

No. Christ made only one sacrifice. The Eucharist is that same sacrifice. It is the sacrifice of the cross re-presented (not repeated). Christ established one perpetual priesthood (His own) and one perpetual mediation (His own).

The easiest is that it’s self-contradictory: the Bible itself doesn’t say to use “only the Bible,” therefore the doctrine of sola scriptura comes from outside of the Bible.

Matt 16:18.

The whole New Testament! I’d start with the fact that Jesus only founded one Church.

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