A look at new saints canonized by Pope Francis (incl. Martyrs of Otranto)

From the AP:

In 1480, some 20,000 Turkish troops overran the citadel of Otranto in what is now the southeastern Puglia region of Italy, in the “heel” of the boot-shaped peninsula. The invaders demanded that the locals, including many who took refuge in the city’s cathedral, convert to Islam. The Turks took 813 men from among those refusing to convert…

Pezzulla, also known as Primaldo, was the group’s leader, and the first among the martyrs to be beheaded. They are referred to as `'The martyrs of Otranto."

Holy martyrs of Otranto, pray for us!

815 new saints. guardian.co.uk/world/2013/may/12/pope-francis-catholic-new-saints.

**During the week-long siege of Otranto more than five centuries ago, Ottoman soldiers were instructed to murder all men above the age of 15 for refusing their demands to convert to Islam. According to historical accounts, one of the martyrs, Antonio Primaldo, a tailor, declared: “We believe in Jesus Christ, Son of God, and for Jesus Christ we are ready to die.”

Primaldo was soon beheaded for his troubles. The names of the other martyrs are lost to history.
Statement To Muslims? Pope Francis To Canonize 800 Martyrs Murdered By Ottoman Turks

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