A look at your own behavior.

There are a lot of accusations on this board. Often, when people disagree with each other, it isn’t long before someone is told " You aren’t being very Christian." or some such thing. Most people don’t do this, but it happens frequently enough

So now it’s time, if you’re brave enough to take the challenge :), to examine your own board style.

What is one way that you could present your faith (whatever it is) better on this forum?

My answer.

I think I could take the time to cite the official teachings for the points I make in a debate. I think that too often, though I’m stating the teachings accurately, non-Catholics are assuming that I’m some kind of extremist and am making things up as I go along. For example - Stating that the Eucharist is valid (in Catholic teaching) only when consecrated by someone who is ordained in apostolic succession, was met with strong opposition and claims that ordination has nothing to do with Catholic teaching about the Eucharist. I should have cited the CCC or other documents to show, by an authoritative source, what the teaching is. Simply stating a fact isn’t enough in a debate, and not citing an authority leaves doubt about the truth. On another site I stated that the age of reason is 7. I was attacked by several people who thought I was a nut (and said as much :wink: ). I should have cited a source. Someone, who was one of those who said she was a Catholic and knew better, especially because her father was a Deacon, finally posted again that she had checked with her deacon father and said that I did have it right–the age of reason is 7. I should have cited the source, though, because an misinformed Catholic denied the truth of a fact and many of the non-Catholics on the board accepted her mistake as a fact. Who knows how many never looked at the board again and never learned 7 really is the age of reason. That’s not an extremely important point, but you know what I mean about citing and authoritative source so people are sure that what they’re reading is accurate.

I could do more to present Catholic teaching by citing an authoritative source more often. .

I could be more patient with people who have trouble understanding Catholic concepts. What seems like a simple point to someone who has been used to thinking in Catholic terms for decades, may not seem so simple to someone who hasn’t, especially if that person is a non-Catholic Christian. We’re using the same words to describe different beliefs about the same things - salvation, communion of saints, Eucharist. Sometimes it’s like we’re speaking a different language.

And since someone thought I was trying to convert her, I might just start every post with, “Conversion is optional.” :wink:

More authoritative proof, more patience, and being sure that I don’t come across as someone who’s using the board to find converts, are 3 ways I could improve.

What about you?

By all means cite your sources, in Roman Catholicism there are a wealth of historical reference works.

As for me, I am not a member of any church, so I am not promoting any doctrines. I think Roman catholic scholars have covered most of the issues, with the exception of the doctrines of eastern religions.

Its all very interesting, but in terms of teaching I find I only benefit from things that were said by Jesus or God through Moses.

Through His salvation,


Before I post, I must do a better of job of remembering Luther’s commentary on the Eighth Commandment in the Small Catechism:

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

What does this mean?–Answer.

We should fear and love God that we may not deceitfully belie, betray, slander, or defame our neighbor, but defend him, [think and] speak well of him, and put the best construction on everything


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