A Man told me I’m not born again if I’m Catholic


A man told me I’m not born again if I’m Catholic and I must be born again to get to heaven he also said the Catholic Church is a cult

Did the pope say he was equal to god

People say lots of strange things. Why do you think this guy is any kind of authority?


You were Baptized as a Catholic into the Holy Spirit and if that isn’t born again then I don’t know what is.


Was there any context? If you were validly baptized you are “born again”. Was there some objection given?



Unless this person is someone the OP is close to I don’t see why they should bother debating some random guy. Just ignore him and move on.


You were born again when you were baptized.


Who cares what some random man thinks.


You’re a member of the very Church of Jesus Christ. If you’re not born again, no one is.


What makes him such an expert?


If we are, we sure are doing a bad job at it, given how all of our beliefs are out there and that anyone can join. :thinking: Oh, and our hospitals, charities, and world renowned universities sure are cesspools of ignorance and greed! We don’t want our members knowing what’s out there! :triumph:


This man is incorrect.

Also, I don’t understand how people can think the Catholic Church is a cult.


Cults are easy to enter and hard to leave. Catholicism is the opposite: it takes around a year to convert as an adult and nobody is likely to notice if you stop going to Mass.


Thanks for setting me straight. I was just trying to see if there were some way we could help the OP learn more about their faith so that they could be prepared to give an explanation of the hope that lies within. Maybe something like this article:


I now see the error in that line of thinking. Thank you for your gentle correction.


Haha, dude I wasn’t “correcting” you. I was just thinking out loud. I’m just a random dummy on the internet, what do I know? Maybe I’m full of it and you’re right on the money.


I’m sorry. I had intended to indicate that I was being goofy in my response but hit reply before I was able to do that. You are correct though. There are a lot of questions posted here that appear intended to get a rise out of the regulars. I was trying to help ferret that out.

I apologize.


If you are worried about being ‘born again’ in any way, remember that you are baptised, and when you go to any mass you ask God to forgive your sins, you glorify God ask his help in the problems of the world and take the Eucharist. Ask the Holy Spirit to come to you and reassure you when you pray privately also. I had an experience where I was literally zapped by the Holy Spirit when I was younger when I prayed and repented of my sins and became a Christian. This led me to be baptised in water at age 16 and I now realise how this was a special grace that I was given that led me eventually to the Catholic Church. Ask seek knock xxx


Many Evangelicals believe any religion that isn’t Evangelical Protestantism is automatically a “cult”.


What’s his explanation for this? Jesus didn’t give criteria for being born again as belonging to the First Baptist Pentecostal church of Joseph Smith or whatever this guy subscribes to…


I have always been mystified by the Evangelical requirement to be ‘born again’ in addition to having been validly baptised. Why they do not consider baptism to be the born-again requirement mentioned in Scripture would seem to me to be a misreading of the passage in question in the King James translation, a version already riddled with inaccuracies. In my view, this unnecessary and dangerous misreading has led to the phenomenon of many otherwise conscientious Christians manufacturing, or perhaps even inducing, mystical experiences out of whole cloth, simply in order to fit into the strictures of their particular denomination. Please forgive my lack of charity in so saying, but that is my distinct impression.

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