A meager request for a Judaic/Catholic Subforum

:smiley: May Our Eternal Father, through the Passion of His Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit, abundantly bless all of my brothers and sisters of all religions and I pray that someday soon we can all come to realize the Truth of God in monotheism, as the Jewish people, the Christian people, and the Muslim people see Him throughout the ages. I believe that neither our Hindu nor Buddhist brethren should be treated as if they have no role in Salvation History. It takes no genius to study the great works of art throughout our vast world and be able to see a commonality when it comes to the appearances of holy angels and their aid to men and women, especially among the poor. Not that they do not assist our wealthy brothers and sisters as well, they certainly do; and hearts are moved to compassionate works of a saving faith that, in union with the grace of the Holy Spirit, work for the health and well-being of all people of this world. I just wanted to request that a simple sub-forum be added where we can all speak with our Jewish brothers and sisters about art and literature. I have found a very wonderful book at a local bookstore that has a listing of many different artifacts of Judaism and Catholic+Christianity that allows one to look through its b/w pages with a contemplative sigh. I am an art student at 30 years of age now and I wonder where I can discuss how to go about religious and sacred art and what I can and cannot use or what I should and should not do when it comes to the very beautiful pictures and paintings that my good brothers and sisters made before my time. May their work always be known and bring to mind the grace that they prayed it would. Thank you for this little place that I can write my thoughts about Our Holy Faith. Please pray also for the grace of conversion for me. I returned once to the Church in my early 20’s, and for personal reasons have fallen away, but I need to be able to have a good examination of conscience. The way that I returned to the Church the 1st time was when I decided to go through the 10 Commandments. I wrote a generalization of years of sin committed as best I could and read it to a kind parish priest. He told me there would come a time when I should burn this paper that I wrote.
Several months passed and I began to have what is often referred to as a ‘scrupulous’ conscience. I have always had the bad habit of latching on to shame and continuing to condemn myself as a person. I had kept the paper that I wrote for the Confession because this priest told me that I would know the specific day to burn it and offer it with an Our Father. Eventually I approached a priest at a different parish that I had actually received the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation at and told him of my return to the Church and explained how I had written this examination of conscience. This priest was from the Peoria diocese and the other priest that had told me to burn the letter was from the Springfield diocese here in Central Illinois. There is no way that either man could have known the other as they had went to different seminaries. Ironically enough, both parishes have the same Saint’s name. This awesome enthusiastic priest told me the day that I had brought the paper to him to burn it, and as I can remember leaving the parish on that Friday, the realization suddenly struck me that hey! Now I know what the priest at the other parish was talking about when he said ‘I would know the day.’ There is much more to my conversion. Please pray that my aunt in Antioch California is able to obtain a notebook (laptop) computer so that I can write more and eventually go about recording some of my memoirs and poems and stuff. I ask this in Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. :smiley:

You’ve got my vote.

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Our votes would probably count for a good bit more if we responded to the fundraiser. (Just a guess)

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:smiley: Thanks. And for anyone who has read some of my other posts, I am no longer despairing, I just need to attend Mass on a regular basis. This has been a serious problem with me because I keep such odd hours at times when it comes to sleeping. I thank you for all of your prayer that has been posted. All that you do and write helps so much. I am going to check out the Catacombers site (I love the name, makes me think of our Holy Faith’s first artists). I am going to try making a portrait based on the Turin Shroud and one of Our Lady based on a photograph I found on the internet. I wonder if there is anyone else who would like to see this pics that I have found that I will be using soon, and if they may know of their origin. Any help would be prayerfully appreciated. Thank you mi amigos and brothers and sisters, and especially fathers in Christ Jesus Our Merciful Lord. I tear up at times because i don’t deserve such kindness. Thank you, and may Our Eternal Father, through the Passion of His Son, and by the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit, bless all who may read this in a way that astonishes everyone. In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Please pray that a friend of mine can soon get a car even if it means an out-of-the-ordinary intervention. What I mean by this is the work that holy angels can and I have seen do in circumstances that at the time appear quite ordinary but after the fact, there are little hints here and there that convey to you the fact that a good supernatural friend asked God to be able to assume a human form to help. It makes me cry when I thin about these kinds of things happening because some people tend to become convinced that they are alone. If anyone has every heard of the movie ‘Bless the Child,’ which demonstrates angelic appearances in nearly the exact way I have experienced them, they will understand. If interested, look for the part in the movie when the character Cody, and her aunt are boarding a subway and a person just appears from out of nowhere and holds the door and just as quickly vanishes. I have seen things like this happen. How can you go wrong when you have friends spoken of even in the Book of Psalms where it says that ‘He gives His angels charge over you.’ I can’t wait until someday we all get to meet each other and those who had lended a helping hand throughout our lives. Please be sure to remember to mention anyone’s guardian angel in a prayer for anything you might pray for. Don’t leave any member of His Kingdom out. :wink:

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