A message from the “resistance” in the WH


No, they don’t. I think resignation is an honorable (and sometimes effective) form of protest. I said this about Kim Davis a couple of years back, but (no surprise) the “conservative” posters here at CAF denounced the idea resoundingly.


Do you actually think the left wing media would act any differently if Trump did not criticize them? What’s going on in this country is not a misunderstanding at a garden party. They have people trying to jail Trump. Now perhaps, for ideological reasons, you would like to see him in jail. But that’s beside the point that this is no game. This is for keeps. It really is not only political life or death, it’s whether or not bureaucracies like FBI, DOJ, CIA can manipulate our political system for their own ends and terminate the rule of law and democracy at the same time.

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To oppose the president in a republic is done in the open, not hiding like a weasel trying to undermine a duly elected president.
We have seen it before. Progressives have done it time and again. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, don’t you think? If a White House employee thinks the next president is to be resisted from the inside, that’s okay, right? I mean, some have posted here this mole is serving the country well. Right?
You’re good with this. Right?


I have no recollection of this and don’t know what Kim Davis was all about or who she was. I don’t doubt yu said what you did. But this is just unknown to me.


And if the people agree with you, there is an election in 2020. That’s how it is done in our republic.


As a Republic, we’re five minutes to midnight right now. Elections mean nothing. Reportage means nothing. The self-styled liberals have gone near-fascist despite their claims to liberality. Warmongering has become a leftist trait. Traitors are thought of as heroes as they undercut national policy.

For the sake of everyone, I hope I’m wrong in thinking this. But I don’t think I am.


Kim Davis was the county clerk in Kentucky who refused to sign off on marriage certificates for same gender couples, in contradiction of the SCOTUS ruling.
While I agree with her philosophical view, she should have either resigned or complied with the law


She was that county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. She became a bit of a cause celebre (and she’s back in the news after the Archbishop Vigano letter to/about Pope Francis). I said then that she should have resigned in protest, rather than hold her office hostage.


There is the possibility that this WH opinion piece is the work of more than one person. It may have been a group effort.

Whoever wrote it and however well-meaning he, she or they may have been, my feeling is that no favor was done - for anyone. The President’s alarming behavior described is on full display for everyone to see. If you are someone who can clearly recognize Trump’s psychological conditions, this public revelation that there are efforts within the WH to contain the damage to the Republic is cold comfort in my opinion. And it raises the concern that it will aggravate the situation and cause Trump to become more erratic.


You may be right or wrong. While I don’t expect to hear it in the progressive media, I remain hopeful that there are some true liberals left who haven’t been co-opted by the progressive movement.


It isn’t a public revelation until the person making the claim reveals him/herself or themselves. Without that revelation, it could be an NYT writer making things up, which is at least as believable.


Ronald Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s and was if I recall, diagnosed in his last years of office.


We had no firm idea who Deep Throat was for decades. Nixon still resigned.


At least she had the integrity to stand up publicly for what she believed in. If this mole exists, he or she is a coward who lacks integrity and honor.


it seems weirdly close to a combination of the usual Dem talking points and Woodward’s more fantastic assertions. I think it’s entirely fake. That’s not to say it wasn’t said by some deep stater in the government. Could be.


Actually, I don’t think he was.


I know that’s the goal here: do everything possible to get Trump to reason, truth and integrity be darned.
Last I recall, the burglary at Watergate was against the law. There is no crime as the basis for this special persecuted, which in and of itself makes it illegal.
I get it. Trump wasn’t supposed to get elected. They even kept Bernie out of the way, just in case. I think Peter Strzok spoke pretty well for the Deep State. And now the NYT has proven it’s existence

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His son claimed so.

I d k if it was accurate.



Nice of the NYT to verify that the “deep state” exists.


If Trump did something Congress feels is worthy of impeachment and removal then so be it. The Founding Fathers explicitly made removal of the President a political matter. I don’t think it’s going to happen myself, but what is happening is a growing credibility gap, which means Trump loses political capital, and with a strong likelihood of the House flipping in November, his next two years as President will be different from the first two.

And please spare the tears for Trump. Republicans spent six years being as obstructionist as possible against Obama. If they don’t like this script, perhaps they should ponder their part in writing it.

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