A Million People Are Jailed at China's Gulags. I Managed to Escape. Here's What Really Goes on Inside

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I wonder how the Chinese bishops are able to operate under these conditions.

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Makes you wonder, what can anyone do? China is too big and too economically Important for anyone to be able to stop this.

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Yes, and considering also that the life system actually throws hundreds of millions of people overboard. Hundreds of millions of men are unable to acquire their homes and marry, unable to be fathers. Very many processes of life are completely dependent on money, creating money with an existential idol and a measure of all things.

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And of all days, they choose Friday to serve the pork. Even Catholics would take offense under such conditions (throughout most of the year, enduring the unjust punishment would suffice for Friday penance, but abstinence is still required for Fridays of Lent).

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A Catholic may eat meat when that is all that is served. Even in Lent.

The “obligation” is not absolute, is disciplinary not doctrinal, and we should not assert that it is absolute.

The syntax was unclear. I was under the impression that the meat ration was given in addition to the standard rice soup and bread ration.

You can only imagine what is happening in the field of aborted material, and how they deal with those who went too far with childbearing.
No, this state cannot call itself progressive in so many aspects of life, despite the race of productivity and over human capacity for work.

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For atrocities such as this, I pray for - and am certain that one day there will be - a reckoning.

If not in this life, certainly in the next.

Evil of satanic proportions. I am blown away that there isn’t an unprecedented outcry of rage over this. How can the “global community” do business with such evil?

Christ save us all from these monsters from hell.


A prisoner doesn’t have to forego what they are given.


If the world REALLY wanted to do something about this, it could be stopped. Granted, it would be very costly in several ways, but not impossible.

The reason for pork on friday is because the prisoners are mostly Muslim and friday is their sunday.

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What would the cost in lives be? The destruction of a war on that scale has never been seen.

There was another country once that rounded up minorities and put them camps and committed atrocities.

I’ve never once heard anyone say it was a bad idea to intervene there.

I guess it’s just a different time these days.

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That is by far the least of the atrocities listed in that story.

And the destruction of WWII is exactly why no one is going to do anything. I’m not going to support sending my brothers or sons to go die for this. I’m not going to support sending someone else’s either. China is nuclear state. Juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

I’m not saying an armed invasion is the way to go. It would be a bloodbath. But let’s face it - the Chinese government is EVIL.

How about we stop trading with China? Like full on cold turkey. Maybe we strenuously encourage others to do the same?

There is more evil than just what is detailed in this article that China is guilty of. You seem to want to ignore it. Bully for you.

Evil wins when good men do nothing.


I’m all for an embargo. But it’s not going to happen. And if we quit trading with them, they’ll get more aggressive. Lose lose situation.

Though the longer the Chicoms remain in power, the harder it will be to avoid a full-scale war. China is not content with oppressing its own people, but is making aggressive moves throughout Asia. It offends their pride that the United States, a mere upstart compared to China, is the dominant global superpower, and they intend to dethrone the United States. Ten years, maybe twenty, until the ultimatum comes.

Eh. America is an aberration. Our position is untenable with our current government structure. Democracies are too unstable to and populations are too fickle for long term planning, as parties swing back and forth over power with opposite goals.

We’re either going to see America restructure as a more authoritarian state, or we’ll collapse from infighting.

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