A miraculous escape (attributed to Our Lady)


This story was told to me by a friend. It is a true story about her mother.

Maria left her home in Southern Hungary because of the impending Communist invasion. She left her mother and two brothers behind. Maria never saw them again. She struggled while crying and praying to get to the railway station in the far north west of Hungary, near the Austrian border. Maria was very afraid. Maria struggled uphill with a heavy coat on one arm and a suitcase on the other. She knew that this was the last train that she would be able to catch before the border would be closed. Maria was having trouble walking up the hill. A beautiful lady appeared and wrapped her in a blue cloak. In no time at all she was on the train. Was the lady who appeared, Mary the Mother of God? We do not know, however that would be a reasonable assumption, because Our Lady is Maria’s patron saint.

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