A miscellany of questions

Without beating around the bush, as the title suggests (please bear with me) here they are :

  1. Recently, I started praying for my friend and her partner(the “partner” has been paying off the debts of a loan that his parents borrowed years ago). And ever since I started the prayers on their behalf, i’ve been having such bad dreams that I wake up getting angry with myself and, oh well, with God. I thought I had gotten rid of these. I had!!! And there now, it’s all over me again. Could it be because um…the people I’m praying for aren’t Christians? Oh, what a silly,silly,silly question, isn’t it? But then, there are many other non Christian friends (with whom I’ve been long separated from) that I pray for.

  2. Also, recently, I brought a brown scapular that has yet to be blessed and enrolled by a priest. I’ve just placed it on my own “altar” alongside the rosary in my room, after reciting prayers for it. I intend to visit a priest a little bit later (there are reasons why I’m not doing it now). I shouldn’t have brought it now but I just couldn’t help thinking about it.

So, alternately, could it be due to this (the second point) that I’m having troubles in my sleep? My life, right at the moment isn’t a bed of roses, and as if it could get any better or worse, these bad dreams are adding woes, because for as long as I remember, dreams have always “come true”. I mean, if bad dreams occur, something bad does happen in the real life as well. Likewise with the good ones. Right before all these " mishaps" I saw the Father and the Son together and I was following them. Ah, well. I’m mightily shaken why all these are happening to me.

Sorry, for this very monotonous and long question. I’d appreciate your time taken here, and also thanks to everyone who’s kept me in their prayers.

Well, there’re a few possibilities to consider:

  1. These dreams have a natural explanation
  2. These dreams come from God in some way, directly or through His loyal angels
  3. These dreams are from demons

Now, so far, there’s no real reason to conclude 2 or 3. If it were either of these two, I could see the demons, knowing how you think due to watching you so long, trying this to make you stop praying for these people, say.
But when natural explanations suffice, I believe it is reasonable to utilize these explanations.

You say your life is going bad. Maybe you’re feeling stressed. This can give you bad dreams. And now you’re worried about your dreams, which can lead to more stress, more worry, and more bad dreams. Don’t worry about it and continue praying.

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2 things, as the other poster describes the nature of the dreams or where they are coming from:
First, do not be discouraged and continue to pray for your friends, we all need to be prayed about.
Second, add an additional prayer to St. Michael asking Him that if your dreams come from the other side He intercedes on your behalf and liberates you from them.
Keep up the good fight.


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Thank you @Kei @JerryZ. But what about the brown scapular? Am I messing it up by not going to a priest for a blessing and an enrolment? I’ve placed it with my rosary.

I don’t see why it needs to be blessed before having it in your room. Sure, it’d probably be better, but it’s not like a necessity.

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Well “messing it up” not quite, but I would say you are not receiving the benefice of the Sacramental.
It will become a Sacramental WHEN the Priest blesses it.
So don’t delay and do it as soon as possible.


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Dreams are your brain working out things, reliving memories.

We are commanded to pray for others, to love even our enemies. Don’t let a natural thing like crazy dreams stop your prayers.

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@TheLittleLady True - yet, I can’t help but think that God is offended with my actions that I’m unaware of, and that, because of this, something bad will happen.

Is there the slightest chance that you are scrupulous?

@po18guy I don’t know. When I have bad dreams, I automatically think I’ve done something very wrong – even if it’s just a tiny thing . Maybe near scrupulous?

Sounds close enough to speak with father. We all have absolutely insane dreams. Try chemotherapy dreams some time! Actually, no, please don’t.

But, look at your reaction to the dreams. That would be where scrupulosity enters in.

You deserve to live in peace.


God is a loving Father. God is not a big meanie waiting the send you punishments for things you accidentally did.

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