A mock vacation


It is summertime and hot and hazy. I want to travel and see the country glow in God’d given light. I think I will fill the gas tank, hop up into the van and drive around the block a few time. I will tell all my friends and family that I went on an excursion. When I get back home, park the van and return to reality I will keep in mind that true life is an excursion and even when the rain falls everything is aglow under the Son and I am enjoying the trip. I am always ready for a good vacation.


There is nothing I love more than hopping into the truck and going for a long country drive…find the longest, loneliest rock road and just follow it…drive along the river bottoms or go to the hills…it is so peaceful…I pray, think about our Lord…listen…stop for a quick roadside photo of whatever catches my eye…

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos


Love the photos.


Vacation is a state of mind. You can do it anywhere, in your backyard, at the park down the road. It’s an art. I pity those who cannot do this. Not that I don’t love long drives and travel, but the real action/renewal/benefit is internal not external. A proper vacation is when you are renewed, refreshed rejuvenated and reoriented, remember what life is really about. It is a break from the trappings and stress of everyday life and work, to which you return after vacation able to enjoy, engage again. To take it up a notch, a visit to eternity, don’t forget the sunblock. :mountain::tokyo_tower::earth_americas::notes::saxophone::beach_umbrella:


Thanks! I have always had a thing about snapping shots as I drive…


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