A Model Church

Not ‘model’ as in “role model,” but ‘model’ as in “model airplane.” :cool: I’ve been having fun with Google Sketchup and am building me a few models, one of which happens to be a church. I’m just wondering what people think of it. For the moment here are a couple of shots of the sanctuary area.

No, I did not draw those textures. No, the chandelier, the candlesticks, the cross, and the pillars are not my work as well. (The building proper, however, I did make.) No, there are no altar cloths. No, there’s no tabernacle (yet) because I’m still trying to figure out where to put it. Yes, that is a templon barricading the sanctuary. Yes, that is an ambo over there. Yes, the altar is arranged for a Mass said ad orientem. :blush:

That is really neat :thumbsup:. I make models of churches in my spare time, as well (I have one on my profile here).

Do you work off a floorplan, or photographs, or both?


No. To be honest I’m just making this off at the top of my head. If there’s any architectural improbabilities it’s really my fault. :blush:

Ah reminds me of my days when I was learning Architectural Drafting, we had an assignment to make a Church…that was by far my favorite project. I had a vision of building an all-encompassing church on the edge of a cliff in Arizona using the sights and light to draw attention to the tabernacle and even today when I’m in some church’s I study the sanctuary and find where I would put the skylights to allow sunlight to shine directly on the altar and manipulating sunlight to make the cross above the altar be illuminated at certain times of the day.

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