A monument of repentance for the Inquistions?


For a time after apartheid was dealt it’s first blow, here in South Africa; we had what is called, ‘The Truth and Reconciliation’ idea which brought closure for the years of violence and terrible activities of Government and Military. After the 2nd World War, there has been a programme to bring to justice the leaders and those involved in the terrible violence towards Jewish people (The Holocaust), it still continues today. I recently witnessed how they had put up a monument of one of the trains that had carried men, women and children to the death camps.

My question is a simple one. What sort of commission is there that voices the repentance of the Roman Catholic Church for the six centuries (600 years) of brutal killings, torchures, burnings and the like. What is commonly known as the Inquistion, and also the Crusades ? Is there a monument or some place where one can go to read about that terrible time ? Sort of a place to remember and never forget what terrible things can be done in the name of false religion and heretical religion ?



Your “simple” question actually consists of four outright opinions and historically incorrect statements which you have tried to disguise as a question.

There are numerous threads here on the truth about the Inquisitions (there were more than one) where you can read all you want. After you find out this truth, you may want to rephrase your question.

The same can be said about the Crusades. It’s all here, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the false.

A reminder that this is a Catholic board that, unlike some denominational boards, requires that all religions be treated with respect. To state that Catholicism is, to use your words, false and heretical, is neither respectful nor deserving of a response.

In short, your “question” is flaming, plain and simple. Why don’t you try again with a sincere question?


My question is very simple.

It is at the head of my OP.

Is there…'a monument of repentance for the Inquisitions?

Seeing as the original perpetrators of the deeds are already in their graves, their is no accurate accountability possible. My reference to the falsity and heretical nature of the Church at that time is in the PAST tense.

False and heretical doctrines exist in every single religion, but this is NOT what my question is. I am only interested to learn if their is a monument of repentance for the Inquisitions, my OP was only to contrast it against the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which addressed a racial hatred staring as early as the 16th Century with the Dutch vs KhoiKhoi wars and led onto the establishment of apartheid which caused terrible suffereing and the Holocaust spear headed by a religious fanatic (we all know his name), who instigated ghastly measure to promote his regime and the subsequent attempts to ensure that such terrible acts are NEVER repeated again.

I am not wrong in understanding the diabolical torchures perpetrated in the name of the False and Heretical Religion of the Roman Catholic Church during the period of the Inquisitions toward those who were not of their own kind. I hope that you will not continue to flame yourself, for this is just a simple question of whether or not there is a genuine memorial of repentance for what was done. Any historian will admit that these types of torchures were quite inhumane, and even demonic.

Don’t try to drag this away from the question.

If you are not aware of a monument, or a memorial, then better to say, ‘I don’t know’, than to start flames where none were lit, well not in this century. Burning heretics is barbaric, right ?


I’ve looked at the threads you have opened and I think its clear to all you are simply in these forums to cause trouble. Why don’t you go somewhere else and bait a different group or simply grow up!!



An ex-Catholic priest has a memorial, but what does Rome have ?


Is this all a lie ?


And who should build a monument of repentance for the inquisition?
Read again about the inquisition. What really was the inquisition? Did the Catholic Church order the killing of those who did not conform to Catholic teachings? NO. Never was the inquisition attributable to the Catholic Church. On the contrary, it was the Catholic Church who saved many during the dark days of the inquisition.


you could inscribe at the base of the monument: “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”


I am only going to say this once. Watch the video and decide for yourself. You have the right to the truth, and a right to think. Please think for yourself.



I used to think as you do. I used to see hit pieces like this, and just believe them. Then I started to actually dig into church history, and as a result, I entered the Church at the 2006 Easter Vigil. Youtube videos like this do not count as studying history. Actually dig in to some real historical accounts of that time period, and you will see that anti-catholics have been lying to you wholesale about this. I challenge you to actually do the research yourself, with an open heart and mind. If you do, I have absolute confidence that you can do no other than realize the truth of it. God bless you on your journey.


Translation: let Pophead do your thinking for you.

Thank you, but I do think for myself already and do not agree with your conclusions.


Maybe you should be called Crackhead!


A monument of repentance for the Holy Inquisition would certainly be a strange thing. It would be like saying… “We, the Catholic Church, are terribly sorry for defending civilized nations from the anarchist movements that not only taught false religion, but also were sexually perverted and believed that killing a baby was better than letting it live, since matter is bad.” “We also are terribly sorry for introducing into the world a more fair legal process based not upon trumped up charges, but rather upon investigation, cross examination, and the novel idea that one is innocent until proven guilty.” “We repent of the above evils, and wish the entire world to return to superstition and injustice.” Wait…most of the world is following a course leading to superstition (New Age) and injustice (atheistic humanism). Looks like there is no need for the Church to repent, you are getting what you want pophead!


I am only going to say this once:

The Church has nothing to apologize for or “repent” of.


The only proper “monument of repentance” for the misdeeds of any Christians are other Christians living the faith to the best of their ability.




So far, the only thing false and heretical that I see here is that Berean garbage you’ve been sucked into and that you’re trying to bait us with. Your attempts at flaming are nothing compared to the flames that await you if you don’t repent and accept the truth of the church established by Christ Himself.


Hi, Pophead,

If you would like to hear a well balanced presentation, from a modern Catholic perspective on this topic, please get the audio linked to here

I’ve listened to the set at least twice myself, and have found it very good. Also, he quotes non-Catholic and even Protestant historians that defend the Church’s actions and praise the judicial method of the Office of the Holy Inquisition.

Try HISTORY and see how you like it. It’s much better than prejudice. I promise



Yes, Pophead, strive to shake off prejudices then journey to history with open mind and heart. Dig further into the teachings of the Catholic Church and learn to see the difference between what an individual “catholic” does and what the
Catholic Church teaches. You will discover with amazement the fact that the monument for repentance that you are wishing about is absurd.


A little reading material:

The Inquisition

The Battle over the Crusades


Geezerbob, thistle, angabern, thechrismyster, mainush, Leopard, Reformed Bob, 1ke, VociMike, JohnPaulTwoToo,

I am deeply aware of the immensely sensitive nature of this thread and was busy addressing your thoughts when the site decided it was time for a huge tea break (shut down for repairs etc.), so I am going to endeavor to deliver again what I originally wrote.

Christ never taught that we should force unbelievers to accept the message of the Gospel.
Christ never taught that we should involve ourselves in overpowering other religions so that the Gospel would be supreme in the earth.
Holy War is not something that a Christian should be part of at all. It is not in the teachings of Christ. Our Battle is a different sort. (we used different weapons to solve conflicts.) < this means I am at war with this planet, but like James it is upon my knees that the task is done.
Actions that bring ‘darkness and the shadow of turning’ do nothing to further the Gospel but only confuse the world about where we stand. We stand in the gap between the aggressors, we cannot choose sides, for we are ambassadors for a Kingdom NOT of this world. Right?

I deeply appreciate the various readings and the video views you have referred me to, and I understand the need to justify actions that the BODY OF CHRIST, should never ever be engaged in, while we are the priests unto our GOD. Our task is to show the world how to behave and to resort to violence in any form is not something we can justify as followers of Christ.

Should we be so engaged, and found that the scales are imbalanced, (personally) ie: we use violence to solve a problem, we are expected to set this matter right. It was never our Lord’s teaching to follow the way of the world in problem solving.

We are commanded to restore heretics, in a spirit of meekness. Paul handed them over to Satan. As far as those who are not in the flock, we are commanded to love them as Christ loved them.(a friend of publicans and sinners). To make legal decisions over life and death is not in the hands of the state, but in the hands of almighty God. (though the world clearly seems to think it’s decisions are made independantly of the mandate and counsel of God.)

The entire system that was applied to surrender heretics or anyone to the flames by the Body which Christ calls his bride is an indication of gross insecurity and hints at delusional thinking on the part of individuals and any committee, counsel or system that deems it necessary to prove its presence upon the earth by either instituting or giving approval to barbarism when it comes to differences of belief. It is just simply not what a disciple of Christ does, who is commanded to love his neighbor, to do good to those who are your enemies. The only coals or torturing devises to be used should be those weapons of might that have been given us in the Spirit, with no displays as obscene as those used by men everyday. We need to repent of such actions and keep ourselves pure for the Bridegroom comes.

I realize my views sit on one side of this equation but I do just want to be clear as to why I am requesting a Monument of Repentance before this world. It is to show this world we are not afraid to repent of what things we have done that hurt the cause of the Prince of Peace, our coming King and deliverer, who has the keys of death and hell.


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