A Mormon said that us Catholics have crucifixes as we dont believe in the resurrection of Jesus? (Edited Title)

My friend upset me today she is a Mormon, she said that us catholics have crucifixes as we dont believe in the resurrection of Jesus and that we believe he is dead, she said that the bible is symbolic this is based on that people back then weren’t bright enough to understand what was going on and not what Jesus did or said. Apparently we have it all wrong and Jesus is on a planet called kaleb and its a celestial planet and we all get to go there if we have been good since birth. she said that the evil people end up in the dark plain, How can a God of Love not forgive his children when they make mistakes, so based on her idea we are damned to live with Hitler for the rest of existence. the last part is what she said:eek:

I’m sorry your friend upset you. These kind of talks can be hard. I pray that your friend would listen to you when you tell them what you believe in.

Well I hope you were able to challenge her misconceptions through your own knowledge of Jesus? I wouldn’t be upset if a friend said this to me, it’s a perfect opportunity to explain the truth to someone who wants to know Jesus but has been led astray.

I would have laughed and said her understanding of Catholicism was full of wild notions, and inquired as to who had told her these things about my religion! It probably wasn’t a Catholic, so how do they know what we believe? Then I would have told her that we are a resurrection people, that Christ lives, that the crucifix is a sobering reminder of how Jesus suffered for our redemption, not an indication that we worship a dead God.

As for people not being bright enough to understand, I would challenge her that cannot be true because the Bible records : ‘At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.’

Then I would ask her what bible passages could back up her assertions. At the very least, you will have made her consider what you are saying and perhaps consider the validity of her own beliefs. And who knows, it may be just the nudge she needs along her path to Christ. I think you are lucky to get these opportunities, but you need to be ready to defend your faith in a kind and informative way, with conviction.

Not sure how I’d feel. It depends on how it was said. I might feel hurt. I might find it funny, depending on my mood at the time, probably.

If the discussion of religion gets aggressive, though, I’d just say you can always call a truce, put the topic of religion as off limits, to agree to disagree.

Personally, I really don’t think going over this will your friend would be helpful. Well, it’s interesting, but you probably won’t convert each other.

Why not preserve your friendship, talk about what you have in common?

You can explain your position and beliefs, once, and then change the subject to neutral ground.

I guess being human,they put there interpretation on things they don’t understand,
Better to avoid conversation concerning your faith with those that refuse to understand,

I would feel concerned that my friend had lost her mind. I would probably correct her misunderstandings of what the Catholic Church teaches. (But she probably considered herself to be a better expert on what other people believe then they are.) I would ignore the nonsensical ranting about celestial planets.

Without the Crucifix; there would have been no resurrection. The Crucifix is our reminder of the sufferings & death that Jesus went through for our salvation.

I am a very bad person.

I would ask her if Kaleb is anywhere near Ork, Mork’s home planet.

This is what St. Paul says in 1 Cor. 1:23 “WE PREACH CHRIST CRUCIFIED.”

We also preach Christ risen. But you cannot have one without the other.

Usually when approached by Mormons I try to listen respectfully, but I usually break down laughing :rotfl: (I know thus is uncharitable of me, but I an sinner). Same with JW’s.

In another post I will post some questions for you to ask her. Busy right now.

I think it’s closer to Melmac.

In all seriousness, I think she has issues and should be speaking to a professional.


:thumbsup: Ditto. I probably would have been on the floor laughing.:rotfl:

You have to agree to disagree about religion if you are going to remain friends. You will not convince her and she won’t convince you so there is no point in having these discussions. To the other person, both points of view seem out of this world.

If the friend said those things in a hateful way I’d be hurt.

If they said them because they really are ignorant of what my faith teaches and are saying what they have heard etc, I’d tell her that is NOT what I believe and that I’d be happy to share my beliefs if she cares to hear them.

Friends can usually discuss differing beliefs without being mocking or hurtful, but I do think there are times when philosophical, religious or ideological differences are such that people cannot remain friends.

I know it’s not a popular opinion, but sometimes things are too important and close to the heart for it NOT to sever the relationship.

I have been on both ends of such circumstances, and while it hurt greatly, it seemed to be the only option. The beliefs and actions of our friends DO affect the relationship.

I am not predicting that is what will or should happen between the two of you, but I think it is worth saying because sometimes people think one should be somehow be able to over look EVERYTHING and be BBF’s with people who we share so little with that it no longer makes sense to keep the relationship active.

:thumbsup: Agree!

I’ve heard the same thing about the Crucifix from Protestants. It’s easy to be offended over our religion which we hold so dear, but it helps to realize that her statements are coming from a place of ignorance, not of hate. She probably feels the same way about her beliefs as you do about yours. Don’t take it personally. Just kindly show her the truth of Jesus in your life.

Well, that probably would have sorted out the friendship fairly quickly.

I had a Mormon friend work diligently to convert me to his faith. Even gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon and said if I would prey on it and read it with an open mind, I would soon see the truth of his beliefs.

I did pray on it (to my God) and I read it cover to cover and took copious notes. There were too many instances of things that simply did not make sense given what I know about the history of our salvation in the Old Testament and the new covenant.

He made some similar comments about the crucifix and I explained to him that indeed Christ IS alive and the crucifix is a constant reminder of Christ’s passion and his ultimate sacrifice for our sins. He asked why some crosses don;t have the slain Jesus and I explained the Protestant symbol is of the risen Christ, the empty cross (and tomb)

In the end, we agreed to disagree and I told him that I was certain that if i diligently followed my faith I would end up in Heaven and I hoped that he, as a good and holy person of his own faith would meet me there someday.

We are still friends. He has stopped trying to convert me. I lay on soft reminders of my own faith from time to time. Maybe someday he will see the light. Until them, I simply pray for him and his family. I will say, I do admire his constant, daily life in his faith. It is shown in everything he does and I would only say that if there’s one ting Catholics could do better, it would be to evangelize like a Mormon.

Simply be always loving to our separated brothers and sisters. Those that are truly good will most likely end up with the saints… Catechism 846-48


Look at it like this–

God bless her for being so on fire for her faith, and it sounds like she cares enough about you to worry about you in that regard.

The exact answers to all these charges and beliefs are easy to find so use this site and others to counter her beliefs, but do it with charity and patience. Don’t let your feelings get hurt by what she believes-- worry more about her eternity and pray for her. Think of yourself as someone she will really appreciate later in life because you held true to your friendship and your faith.

Yes, that Catholics think Jesus is still on the cross is an old canard made up simply as a way to bash Catholics to the ignorant. It seems Mormons have picked up on it too.

Of course the empty cross is not a symbol of the resurrection, but the empty tomb is.

Plus, didn’t Paul say to the Corinthians, "I know of nothing but Christ and Him crucified? And didn’t he say "You foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified?

Catholics are simply following Paul, publicly portraying Christ as crucified. Paul knew Christ as crucified, and so do we. Catholics are merely being biblical.

Mormons and some Protestants don’t know the bible as well as they think they do.

ALF reference…nice! :extrahappy:

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