A Mormon Service???


I have been to see the Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, heard about a JWs service.

What goes on at a Mormons service, I have never heard what goes on. thanks


Hi Boxerdog,
The Sunday service at a typical Mormon church will consist of three different services. There is the typical “Sacrament Meeting” and then if you’re an adult it’s either “Relief Society” for women, or “Priesthood” for men. The other is “Sunday School” with various topics. If you’re a child then in lieu of relief society or priesthood, you go to “Primary”. and then to “Sunday School”. These are the three services, but they’ll be in varying order. Sacrament meeting is the one where most attend. It will consist of hymns sung, opening and closing prayer and a few “talks” given by lay people as well as “sacrament” which is communion… only it’s white bread and water. There is a prayer before the sacrament is dispensed by 12 year old “Deacons”.

Bring a book or be prepared to sleep. It’s pretty boring actually.

in Christ


The layperson talks given at the LDS sacrament meeting comprise the longest portion of the meeting. Though the Mormon church claims to be the church of Christ, what you will find is that most of the talks boil down to how much they love the church and how they know Joseph Smith/the current prophet was/is a true prophet. The sense of worship at an LDS sacrament meeting seems more to do with worshipping the church itself rather than Christ. You will here more talk about Joseph Smith, the current prophet, or the church itself than you will ever hear about Jesus Christ. The talks are usually quite emotional in nature and often end with the speaker sobbing.


Also, sacrament meeting on the first Sunday of the month is “Fast & Testimony Meeting” where instead of the typical 3 speakers, everyone is encouraged to just come up and bear their testimony. Equally boring though.

I always liked giving talks as a youth, and I would compose mildly subversive talks. They quit asking me so I would offer to do them for my friends. The Bishopric didn’t like that too much.

Interesting thing is I was a pretty devout mormon as a youth and I never remember any sense of spirtuality coming from the sacrament meetings.

You forgot to mention the 16 yo “Priests” who bless the “sacrament” before the 12 yo “deacons” adminster it.


My impressions of the three sacrament services I’ve attended: Bear in mind, I’m accustomed to the Mass, so by comparison the Mormon sacrament service is very spare, barren. Attendence was small, the hall only about half full. Men in suits and ties… I was coming from work, as I’m forced to work on Sundays, and therefore dressed in my work clothing, so I felt out of place in ways I wouldn’t have at my own church, where clothing is not much of an “item.” There is no sermon. The bishop may read some business, there may be a vote, always seemingly unanimous for this or that office. There were “testimonies” almost all of which involved crying. I’ve noticed that Mormons put a great deal of emphasis on crying, but I’ve seen this also among my Protestant friends, such that an ability to cry in public, especially for a man, is seen as a very good thing, with which I generally agree. One of the meetings I went to, a young man got up and talked about a lady former member who’d left Mormonism and joined another church, apparently a non-denom type Protestant church. He encouraged everyone not to condemn her in any way, saying that she was following her conscience. I thought that was interesting, and was surprised to hear such a thing. I didn’t notice anyone grimacing or expressing any disapproval of what he said, and he actually did go on and on for quite awhile. The last time I went, after sacrament meeting, I had an opportunity to join a small group in a small room to discuss some subject, but right off the leader opened it up to questions, so I popped up and asked about the Matthew 16 upon this rock issue, and that occupied the entire meeting. Yes, they were all in evangelize mode, I could see that clearly, but I also thought it was nice of them to give me the floor, although one of them was very antagonistic to Catholicism, pointedly questioning me if I thought that an unholy man could be a priest. At first I didn’t get it that he was referring to the sex scandals, and answered that, yes, a priest is always a priest no matter what, and he didn’t like that answer. He sat sort of fuming with his arms crossed. The rest of us debated good-naturedly about the so-called apostasy. There was another woman present, a young South American woman who’s new Mormon husband sat next to her. I’m guessing they met while he was on mission. She told me that she’d converted out of the Catholic Church because she never felt the BITB there, but that in the Mormon church she feels so warm and good. I had the opportunity to tell her, how interesting that I feel the exact opposite, that Mormon church leaves me cold, while the Mass, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus in the Eucharist is the high point of my week.

All in all, what little I’ve seen, the Mormons seem like very nice, kind, polite people. Their communion service is reverent, but bare. The music is bad, just like in the Catholic Church, LOL. Being unknown, I was greeted personally by an older man who patted me on the shoulder and welcomed me warmly. I like the people. They seem like people who love the Lord as they know Him, and have deep faith. That is my impression.


Good story…what is BITB?


Burning In The Bosom. What gives a Mormon the testimony of the “truthfulness” of the Book of Mormon.

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