A movie changed my life!

This is a question for everyone: has a movie changed your life in any way? For better or worse? How have movies influenced your life? Share with us and tell us your story!

Generally speaking, all Jesus documentary films have affected me, GOD’s words whether written (the Bible) or heard (documentary film) really transformed my life from dark (Islam) to light (Christianity).


Everybody likes the number 10. Here it goes 10. Sorry for not being only one.

  1. How Green was my Valley, John Ford.
  2. Modern Times, Charles Chaplin and all of them, vg, A King in New York (forbidden in America !!!)
  3. The Passion of Christ (I could not see it; I closed my eyes)- for the pain of Mary, only then I understood it.
  4. War and Peace from a Russian Director (3X3hours movie)
  5. Wild Strawberries of Ingmar Bergmman
  6. Amarcord of Fellini
  7. International Intrigue, Hitchcock
  8. The Bycicle Thief, Vittorio De Sica
  9. The Gospel According to St. Matthew , Pasolini
  10. Grand Illusion, Renoir

The Sound of Music made me realize how life can change and what courage it might take.

Fireproof, Groundhog Day

Not in order, but here are a few…

Saving Private Ryan. The opening scenes were so horrifying that I have felt deep gratitude to veterans ever since. And that was a movie, not even the reality that the WWII vets and all the way up to today, go through!

The Wall, Pink Floyd. Just a shocking movie including adultery, self-mutilation, drug induced psychosis, etc. but really great music, and the animation by Gerald Scarfe was simply astounding.

Shoah. This one really gave me a true understanding of the Holocaust, and the evil that humanity can contain.

King Kong 1931
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
2001; A Space Odyssey
A Clockwork Orange

the first began my love of the classic sci fi, universal horror films of the 1930s-1950s.

the second 2 my love of classical music.

To TheRealJuliane,
wow, I thought I might be the only one on the Forums to remember
I saw that movie at a midnight show in the 80s. It greatly disturbed me,
and yet fascinated me at the same time. I went back two or three times
to see it again and again. It didn’t change my life, but it was very fascinating.

I don’t know of any that “changed my life” ((except, when young,
I used to get very emotional watching KING OF KINGS (1961) with the late
Jeffrey Hunter (RIP) portraying Jesus Christ. I was under 12 years old, and I adored
that movie, I thought it was glorious.
Then I saw THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD, with Max Von Sydow playing Jesus.
It took some getting used to a Jesus with hair that barely covered his ears, but he gave a good performance. The cinematography in this film was phenomenal, as was, at times the combination if it, of the direction, and of the incredible music. Case in point: the scene of the Resurrection of Lazarus. Everything (the filming, the music, etc.) all comes together to produce on screen one of the most powerful and emotional scenes in any movie whatsoever. That scene has my chest pounding and tears pouring down my face.
It, that scene, is quite simply, breath-taking, and that is an understatement.

A movie that I never wanted and never intended to ever see, was
REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, with James Dean. My lord, I didn’t realize what I was missing. Not only was this guy a beyond-phenomenal actor, that movie stabbed me right in the heart. I had to close my door, because even though I’m a man, some of the scenes in that film had me sobbing. It was, unexpectedly, one of the best films I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, was very well done (with Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, Jim Backus, etc) and incredibly, and unexpectedly, very touching.

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST is excellent, but it’s not a movie that you can
“enjoy”, because it’s just so accurately brutal.

My favorite film of all time (though I love many movies)
is LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. That film, too, never appealed to me. It came out when I was 2 years old, and was always offered on tv in small screen format and the idea of watching a war movie appealed to me about as much as scrubbing toilets for 8 hours a day. BUT…I came to like Peter O’Toole, and in 1989 this movie was re-released on the big screen. One day I thought, what the hell, I’ve got nothing better to do, and the theatre is just across the street. Got my popcorn, sat down. There were about 5 other people in the theatre. The lights went down. Suddenly, this powerful OVERTURE started playing, the curtain was still down, and this music went on for several minutes. I was hooked the minute the music started. Then the crescendo, and the curtain rose and the film started.
Let me tell you, and this has never happened before in a movie so very long as this one is,
but I could not get up, not even to go to the restroom. I could not turn my eyes away from that screen for one minute. I became, and remain, addicted to this incredible, fascinating, beatifully-shot and acted and truly brilliant movie. It was amazing beyond the ability of words to describe. I sat through it twice, transfixed.
When I went home, I started calling friends. I took my sister to see it. I took my friends to see it, individually. I saw this movie over and over again, all in one week. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Obviously, I love LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.
But to this day, when it’s on tv in35 mm ((instead of the huge cinemascope which it MUST be in, in order for you to appreciate the incredible beauty of the cinematography of it),
I will not watch it on small screen because all the stunning film - work is obscured.
But run, don’t walk, to buy yourself a widescreen DVD of Lawrence of Arabia.

Love to all,

The Passion, I could not watch it all. It was so graphic with the beating etc. I had to excuse myself and leave the room.

Bood Diamond, I dont want diamonds like I used to for sure!

Saving private Ryan, Couldnt watch it all. My dad was there and to see the horror was more than I could take.

I did watch the Notebook before I came back to church and although there were a couple of scenes I dont reccomend it was very touching. I hope my DH and I continue to love in that same way!

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