A muslim example of an ideal mother


I am too appalled by this story to make any further comment on it. I think it speaks for itself.


It is just “a tiny minority of extremists” you say. OK, here are the numbers for ONE WEEK (3/03/07 to 3/09/07) alone.

Jihad attacks: 66
Dead Bodies: 438
Critically Injured: 626


I’m starting to think another great crusdae is an good idea…


The brainwashing of these children is very typical. Have you seen the television shows which feature suicide bombers as superheroes? Or how about the angry mothers who were evacuated from Southern Lebanon last year when Israel was being shelled? Angry mothers on CNN said the next generation would take care of it because their children would seek vengeance. I believe it was al-Qaeda that said they love death more than the West loves life. That is the core difference between Islam and Christianity. God is the creator of life. These people worship death.

Here are more examples of the child abuse that is going on against Muslim children by their own people. These videos illustrate the brainwashing that children undergo to worship death:



The Surah of the Holy Quran cited in the link has been taken out of context. It is no way is advocating the suicide bombings you see and here about on the news. It is speaking of people converting to Islam after seeing how the followers of God are blessed with victory.

BTW, I have read articles and have been told that a lot of these suicide bombings are not really suicide bombings at all. In reality they are people forced to strap explosives on their bodies and go to a target to be blown up by someone else out of fear of the victim losing loved ones. I have also heard that the Mossad kidnaps people and drugs them into stuff like this.

Who is telling the truth? I don’t know.

I thank the reader for pondering on what everyone here has had to say.


They are always taken out of context. Yet, people continue to murder others based on these surah’s. If Catholics were doing this kind of thing, I would expect the Church and Christian communities to take immediate steps to unequivocally condem such actions and religous leaders to make it clear that such behavior was completely against the teaching of christianity and that anyone who advocated such behavior was putting their soul in jeopardy and heaven or paradise would be denied to them.
You can’t keep falling back on “out of context” arguments everytime innocent people are murdered in the name of Islam.
It is not enough. Islam has a responsibility to the world and it is failing.


I understand your feelings of anger and frustrations.

As a Muslim I condemn suicide bombings and killings of innocent people.


Only 'cause bombs weren’t around then. “Martyrdom” is allowed in Islam.


Nice conspiracy theory there - I mean any explanation will do that doesn’t blame Muslims eh?:thumbsup:
Of course we all know it was the Jews who committed 9/11, bombed Pearl Harbour, kidnapped their own soldier so they could bomb south Lebanon, forced Britain to adopt metric and Osama Bin Laden is an agent of Mossad.
Meanwhile back in the real world…

Once Muslims start taking responsibility for their own actions, we may be able to get them to become civilized.



i understand what you are saying but i think it is unfair to say that this is the example of an ideal mother for muslims…

it is difficult for me to say what i mean because i agree with you that islam is violent because it is man made, i just think from talking to muslims that maybe it is not this violent… these are extremists… also it is not fair to paint all muslims as the same… i am sure many muslim mothers would be angry by what is happening to these children and by what their mother did…

Dios te bendiga


Muslims are not going to tell you the truth. You’'ve got to realize one thing, that they do not think the same way we do.

Their ultimate goal is world domination and the imposition of barbaric 7th century laws!


A Shiite mother rejoices after inflicting wounds on the head of her toddler.

A proud mother watching her son bleed. The more pain the greater the reward. After this she is assured of paradise.



Actually I have a friend who’s brother is a soldier over there. He said the same thing, there has been evidence of “forced Martyrs”. And please do not forget, there is hatred on both sides, between the Jews and the Muslims. I have seen pics of Jewish children signing bombs with love for the muslims. Until both sides are willing to stop the hatred and stop raising the children in hatred, the violence will never end.


BH, if you really condemn this then do so publically and loudly in your mosque. Demand your imam condemn it and all terrorism, including groups like Hamas and Hezbullah. Show us you mean it.



what they say about their religion is very contradictory from muslim to muslim, and what they do is even more contradictory… from my experiences… but this kind of behavior is not done by the majority of muslims and it is unfair to portray this as their ideal mother.

Dios te bendiga


I don’t see muslims protesting this the way the did when the Pope spoke at Regensburg. If it truly offends them then they can show us. They are the ones glorify her on TV and in their own media, which is state controlled btw.


The woman (Rim Al-Riyashi) video taped herself in military garb, explained what she was going to do and why. She was holding an AK47 in one arm, one of her children in another, who had some kind of rocket propelled granade in his hand. Call it a hunch, but I somehow doubt she did this against her will. If you don’t believe me, check out this picture



Problem is they argue so often that any criticism of Islam is an insult to Islam they’re afraid that by speaking out someone’s going to cut them down as an accursed unbeliever


If you watch some of the YouTube videos of programs for Muslim children that I posted (link on #3), you’ll see songs of martyrdom for children that repeatedly refer to the blood of people who blow themselves up as having a “sweet fragrance”. Since sin and death came into the world through Adam and Eve, after satan tempted them, who except satan would worship death? And who, except satan, would refer to the blood of someone who blew themself up as a “sweet fragrance”? It has to give you chills to think what evil influences these people.


About the pictures in post #10, I’ve seen videos of these rituals and, apparently, this symbolizes martyrdom. I suppose the mothers are smiling about the “sweet fragrance” of blood.


Please don’t start one. I am thinking about going back to college, and the Grand Turk doesn’t give exemptions to college people regarding military service like the US government gave university students drafted during Vietnam:)

I am just kidding.:eek:


Are you any relation to Ricardo?:stuck_out_tongue:

Martyrdom is allowed in both Islam and Christianity. However, neither religion commands you actually seek out death.

It is one thing to stand for what is true and dying for it and going off and getting oneslef willfully and purposely killed.

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