A must read book "Prude"

Here is a link to Carol Platt Liebau’s book PRUDE: How the sex obsessed culture damages girls( & America).

She is a Princeton and Harvard grad. And not matronly! I heard her interview on the radio the other day. She has her own blog so you can read all about her. **WARNING!**do not type in “prude” without typing in “the book” or you will end up @ a porn site. Every mother and father and aunt and uncle and gramma and grampa et al should read this book


And where is the National Organization for Women who preached about the exploitation of women by men? What do they have to say about young women dressing like prostitutes and appearing on the covers of natonal magazines?

The deceiving cult that was and still is the National Origanization for Women has sold young and older women a set of beliefs that were never true; their “right” to an abortion, all men as the enemy, and “career” over family (while someone else was hired to watch the kids). The words modesty, decency and restraint, especially in public, are still in the dictionary. And they apply equally to men and women.

Apparently, the “equality” they meant was for women to act like the “pigs” they painted all men to be.

Wake up my fellow Catholics. The Church has always been a bulwark against such sinful behavior, but over the past 30 years, a coordinated, purposeful deception has been put into place. And you know what, NOW and the Hippies promised all of us more freedom, but, apparently, what that really meant was freedom from all moral restraint and from God and the Catholic Church.

God bless,

NOW never, ever spoke for real women. As a strong and independent lady, I do not feel it is necessary for me to act like a man in order to have a successful life. All the “women’s movement” accomplished was to make everyone afraid of saying one polite, simple thing to one another. It also created latchkey children and encouraged promiscuity, adultery, pornography, immodesty and hatred between the sexes. I saw the author of this book on FOX News, and she was quite impressive. We grown ladies should foster the virtues of modesty and chastity in our younger counterparts, despite the fact that some of the younger ones will not be very welcoming to those views at first. I know for a fact that there are single gentlemen of my age who do want a real lady to court, thank God. I am sure there are moral, chaste younger men as well. This book gives me hope!

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