A nation of gender-fluid, post-op narcissists

The tragedy of being unremarkable.


To be fair, I’m pretty sure the entire nation is not like this.


The reality is that people who feel maligned by the majority will seek refuge in a “smaller” group which will accept them as they are only to find out that even the people in their own tribe will judge them based on their appearances and behavior. It’s a human trait and not just a trait of some certain groups.


This likely isn’t applicable to even a single person on CAF.


Wow! Never satisfied it seems.So really this is about attention mongering by standing out.Kind of what I have suspected all along. It’s edgy to be different,:roll_eyes:

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Seriously . Talk about exaggeration!

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So basically the author of this article read an article in the Washington Post about people in an unconventional relationship, imagined everyone in the US to be living and thinking like them, and made themselves really mad?


But … but… with other people we have to ignore any differences for fear of othering or micro-agressing them.

And really, I think men “becoming” women is gender appropriation.*

Where will all this end?

*the credit for this belongs to someone but I forgot where I heard it :o

When your magazine is called “Crisis Magazine”, I guess you have to manufacture some crisis daily to have something to print.

From the article:

Do you know those people who constantly demand special treatment? The ones who need all kinds of strange allowances, affirmation, appreciation, and recognition—all for just being them ?

No, I can’t say I know anybody like that. If I met someone like that, I probably wouldn’t want them in my circle of a couple hundred nice, generally well-balanced, friendly, non-attention-mongering people, so I wouldn’t be “knowing” them long.

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Nah. Just those on the left who are promoting these dangerous behaviors!

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Thanks for posting!

Satan wants to destroy what God has created—the holy nuptial relationship between man and woman and the family based thereupon. He’s no doubt thrilled at the widespread acceptance of homosexual intercourse, same sex “marriage,” and the “non-binary” insanity.
But he won’t win, in the end, and he knows it. He just wants to drag as many down with him as possible.

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