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Was going through bookshelves etc and stumbled across more to rip up and toss. Or at least rip the used pages. I thought all of this was gone already but I did still have one spiral with probably 10, 20 pages in it with the dumb automatic writing on it. I was so tied into that for so long. Always someone to talk to that would answer back right away. Well, God answered back, just not like that. Maybe just toss the whole spiral.

In fact, this was during the time I was looking at attending church again but wanted to find one that accepted things like psychics. I remember this, I have the name of a church, ‘First Spiritual’ and they invited people who did readings etc. Obviously that was a New Age church. There’s even a prayer written via the automatic writing regarding discerning good and evil. Well, God did answer that prayer, I was the one that stayed stuck a time first before completely rejecting all the NAM junk. Still fight with temptation once in a great while but I keep praying those spiritual warfare prayers.


I’ve been there, too, Roza, not that particular church but new age stuff. Destroy it, deface it, whatever, before you throw it out so no one else will read it. Sounds A-R, but do it anyway.


A-R? Not sure what that stands for, sorry. :slight_smile:

I know I’m losing internet eventually (sooner than later) because I can’t pay the bill on welfare. So using the time I got for the job searches. Wish it wasn’t so much online these days.


Sorry - slang abbreviation for anal-retentive, a psychiatric disorder. Too scrupulous for words might be a nice way to put it.

You’re in my prayers for your financial and job situation.


AR, assume “all right.”

Check this out: wififreespot.com/

The Internet can be part of a bundle, with TV and phone. As low as $99/mo. Or, Dish TV Family for $25, Dial-up for $10 from earthlink, and, phone … probably your cell phone, with either pay as you go, or monthly! I hope that you will be doing better, with God’s help.

I can tell you a humorous story, when I mentioned meditation to a few people, from having gone to some unitarian class for it where they suggested “Ohm” or something, and the girl (at a job) said "I meditate on “Jesus.” Another girl (on the road) said “I meditate on my big toe.” We meditate in Church all of the time, and it is called prayer, all we have to do is pray at home, pray at work, pray while driving, etc.

Another odd comment from those days was “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Well, one might think, don’t get rid of the Christ Child. But the meaning is: don’t throw the good out with the bad.

I threw two books out that I bought fron a spirituality store, and, I believe that one was about mysticism, and could have been passed on rather than thrown for I’ve seen it somewhere in a Catholic venue.

The other was interesting in that it spoke of loving the Russian people, who were suffering under a bad government, which prompted me to take that part of our faith more seriously … we know it as praying for the conversion of Russia.

God doesn’t lead us wrong … I attended Mass weekly, it was just a bookstore in a big city. Hey, I’m small town, all the way! I hope that you are helped with your financial situation!


What will help most with finances is getting a job, I keep applying. I can’t do bill collections again. From ‘real’ customer service (helping people) to doing tech support for 6 years, taking escalations from the people who would be replacing me (Manila and a new office they were hiring at in some other state at minimum wage) etc. Should get my butt out today, deal with the overcast wet out there.

Meditating in my NAM days, had a few tapes with subliminal messages for weight loss, another for healing, the rest was normal meditation type music. Had my incense going, lights out, lay on my back, relaxing energy from my toes up to my head… that type of stuff… isn’t that out of eastern religions? Attempting to empty your mind of everything. First learned meditation in 7th grade in a secular health class and first year of college in my modern dance class. I’m still sorting in my head what I can hold on to and what I can’t.

Me praying the rosary again was a huge step. Seriously up until early last year I kept saying things like ‘don’t think you’ll be heard for your much speaking’ etc etc. I was convinced Catholicism was lost. It’s been a journey.

WiFi is downtown, I don’t think in my area yet and unless one of my DSL modems can pick up the signal in the XP computer, I have the Windows 98SE one, Celeron (like a Pentium 3 w/out the math coprocessor). That has a wireless network card installed in it. Bought it off Ebay when I still was a tech.


Yeah, used that link, search city name & state, then also did a zip code search. Both came up with 0 Listings Matching “wi fi”. I’m surprised it didn’t come up with anything downtown but I don’t live close enough to those. This would be for 2 desktop computers, not laptops. My laptop was from the Windows 95 era, first generation Pentium… super ‘old’.


Yeah, used that link, search city name & state, then also did a zip code search. Both came up with 0 Listings Matching “wi fi”.

I live in a small town, and, I had them add our library to that website. Even without a laptop to bring there, they have many computers available for the public.

There is a lot in our Faith that can help us with stress. I can’t even give advice for anything such as meditating, as I was referring to being able to pray better through meditating on the Bible, or the Rosary Mysteries, or a book about a Saint and their writings, or just a simple praying before the Blessed Sacrament. I have had a few miracles, when I prayed. Today we have just averted a bad situation and I am grateful to God for that. It had to do with a day off for the city workers, and a blocked city sewer that would have caused us grief. They came and cleared it for us, like angels.

May God help you in your search for employment!


I received email today that unless my account is paid tomorrow all phone service including DSL off. Can’t do anything about it. Will call them tomorrow and tell them. Called today but not open.

Will see if any connection comes on the Win 98 Pentium 2 but don’t think any will. So much for online job search, 99% sure it’s the economy botched affecting jobs but how many I apply to and hear nothing. Have put in all applications email contact preferred. I can check email downtown.

I know, give it up to the Lord. Get in the habit of thanking God for all things, even what we think is bad. I will learn from these times and grow from them.

God bless


We have one miniature rose in our garden, and, I am hoping that it will survive the cold, as it is just blooming.

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