A New Apologetics Resource

I became Catholic at Easter Vigil, 2010.
I’ve been asking questions ever since and am hungry for the truth of the Church.
In 2012 at a Diocesan Youth Conference, Diocese of Charelston (I am a Core member of our parish Life Teen program) I received a sheet of paper from a priest giving a workshop on apologetics. It was a copy of a copy of a copy… and difficult to read and I used it to death. It is torn, folded, wrinkled and highlighted so I set about reproducing it afresh.

It took hours to copy and retype but the result is here. It folds nicely into a little pocket sized reference sheet.

While retyping it, I had to look up many of the passages for my own clarification and somewhere along the way I thought “what a great tool!” I gave copies to many of the youth in our church and got the same question from many of them “Is there an app for that?” So I put a version of it up on my personal web site in a responsive format that can be read by any PC and all mobile devices. That version is here.

THEN I got the idea that it would be handy to have the full scriptures that were cited available so I added this version. (Also compatible with mobile devices).

While I was doing that, I realized that there were all kinds of foot notes on the USCCB version of the Bible that I could link to, so I included links in many of the relevant scripture verse numbers.

A few of those referred to the Catechism so I decided to add relevant citations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church at the bottom of each section. They link directly to the official Vatican Catechism.

THEN while I was further researching I found many articles and tracts on the Catholic Answers web pages and added links to those relevant writings at the bottom of many of the sections.

THEN I found a great post on these forums about scripture in the mass, so I PM’d the author and obtained permission to use his works, and added them to the bottom of the page.

Ok, pretty soon I’m going to just be recreating the entire body of Catholic works if I don’t stop. At any rate, Here is my entire project, fairly well completed enough to put out there to the public. Oh, and there’s also a full content .pdf version available.

Please, if you have time, take a look, navigate around and let me know if there is anything clunky or difficult about the site. See if there are improvements you would like to see in the structure, and in the content. Did I leave anything out? Could I have said anything better? Different? Clearer?

Please, I’m not looking for accolades, but serious criticism to try and make this all a useful tool for anyone who might benefit from it.

Mostly it’s been a great learning tool for me in my journey.

Thank you and God Bless each of you in your Journey with Christ!


I look forward to reading all your hard work, but the links to the documents still say there’s a problem with copyright issues.

Excellent! Great work, well organized, compact and comprehensive. Thank you.


I especially liked your inclusion of a topic on the Health and Wealth Gospel and of the several Biblical verses, you included one of my favorites, from Romans:

8:18 For I reckon, that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come, that shall be revealed in us.

You have a gift for this type of work and should continue to help your brothers and sisters grow in understanding. Never grow weary in doing good for the body of Christ.

Actually I posted all of the documents and another reader pointed out that the copy of the paper document that I had been given was from a copyrighted source so I took them down. (It had no indication on the original that it belonged to anyone in particular) I have asked for permission to post them, I will await a reply from the source.

God bless…


Nice summation michaelhager.

God bless.


Just a small edit (sorry, that’s my nature) Under “Traditions” on the menu bar you have the subheading “Repetitious or Wrote Prayer”. That should be “Rote”. :wink:

Great work!!! I find the background of the website appeasing to my eyes (which fatigue easily)…very much appreciated.

Was this the original sheet that you were talking about?

Hi again Michael,

Good work on your page! Good job.

I consider the topic of Apostolic Succession to be very important. Unfortunately, the Scriptural texts that support it are few that do not require some commentary or explanation. Protestants have many biased arguments against it. Therefore, I suggest that you include a link to a web page that explains and details the importance of the various Scripture verses that support Apostolic Succession.

Obviously I have to admit an inclination to be biased toward the article at my web site, however a link to any other web page that does the same thing would be very helpful in my opinion.



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