A new approach in promoting the Culture of Life

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As we seem to be losing out on so many legislative and legal fronts in our efforts to develop a Culture of Life, it seems that a new approach may be needed. To paraphrase Blessed John Henry Newman, it’s not so much a case of losing the rational arguments as of the imagination of our contemporaries becoming clouded and unable to conceive of a worldview which incorporates the super-natural and the sacredness of life itself. A play I listened to today on BBC Radio 4 seems to embody a different approach, using imagination rather than reason to open the minds of our contemporaries. In the play, an expectant mother is able to hear and speak with her unborn child, leading to unexpected results. The fact that this play appeared on Radio 4, which is notoriously suspicious of anything that smacks of a Catholic worldview is all the more miraculous. It seems like a small answer to all our prayers for unborn children. Apologies for cross-posting.

Have a listen- I look forward to hearing your thoughts…

That’s most interesting. Thank you for posting. I’ll share what’s been on my mind lately:

I think changing people’s hearts is much more effective than changing laws.

If we create a culture that is truly supportive of parents, be they single mothers, or families that are struggling financially, or who for any reason find it difficult to face a pregnancy, there will be fewer people seeking abortions. I believe there have been studies about the reason why women have chosen to abort (and in many cases felt pressured to do so). We need to learn from these studies and address the issues found in them.

If we find a way to promote the sacredness of life to people of all belief systems, the abortion laws might just become irrelevant. I’m not talking about medical proof that fetuses feel pain, etc. I think there’s been too much of a scientific/medical ping pong game between prolifers and prochoicers. Anyone can use scientific data and findings to promote their views.

Thanks for your reply Catya.

I agree that changing hearts is most effective. At the same time, I think it’s also important to change laws. In countries like the UK and Canada, we may be some way away from that step, however. In secularised countries like ours, it seems more of a priority to evangelise through culture and the imagination. The film Bella was another example which showed that there’s much more to being pro-life than just opposing legal abortion. It also won Best Film at the Toronto Film Festival!

Did you have a chance to listen to the play yet? I’m curious to know if it’s accessible from there.

I haven’t, but will do so when I find the opportunity. I think popular media / culture can work wonders.

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