A New Bible Study


I started a new Bible Study tonight. It’s at my parish and has been going on for awhile. This was their last meeting before taking a break until March, but I wanted to go tonight to check it out, and see what I have to look forward to.
I really liked it and I think I’ll learn a lot.

I’ve been in two others but quit one due to too many anxiety attacks and a fear of driving (both are gone now…or at least for now), and quit the other one due to waaaaaay too much homework. It wasn’t fun, it was tough work, plus the teacher didn’t seem to know what she was doing.

The teacher in this class is very knowledgeable, is a former teacher and principal. I think she’s going to do a great job.


That’s great!

Let us pray: May the Holy Spirit assist and guide you (and the leader and the whole class) to greater faith, hope, and love as you study the Bible.


Good for you! Are you following a specific study topic? My parish is on it’s third Jeff Cavins’ study.


They just finished Acts and when we start back up we’re going to cover Esther and Judith.



Good for you! The only Bible study near me is a non-Catholic one in my building… I know it’s not a good idea for Catholics to attend non-denominational studies, but I’m so desperate to go to one, this one may have to do! Pray for me, please!


@stuartbrianhenlis, maybe you could find out if people from your parish would be interested to form a group study. I was part of one years ago. We used a program that that didn’t require a “teacher.” The format had a complete guide and we went through it at a slower pace to suit us, as we did not want too much homework.


I have a friend who is VERY Catholic but took a non-Catholic Bible Study. Not sure why but I think that at the time, it was all she could find.
It sounds like she learned a lot but one or two people in the group made snotty comments about Catholics. Fortunately, the leader shut those comments down quickly.


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