A new book coming out soon

I asked about the following situation on another forum:

I have a new book coming out soon.

I wrote it before I converted to the Church; although, when I wrote it, I was still searching for God. I had just left the Baptist denomination.

Nevertheless, cusswords abound, as I was a younger fellow in those days. The story takes the tone of Catcher in the Rye, and ends rather like a Flannery O’Connor story.

At the time, I considered it to be a Christian work, though I would not write a story like it today. At least, not in that fashion. If it is one major beef I have with it, it is the cuss words. I use plenty. While one may consider removing them, I did not because they characterize the protagonist.

In any event, it will be available soon, and I was wondering about your thoughts on a book styled like that.

On one level, it largely depends on the audience you intended to speak to through your book. If your intended audience was largely Christian and you feel that they may be offended by the language, then you could re-edit it and go from there. If your intended audience is more broad then the language is probably not a problem. If the foul language is necessary for the characters essence to be conveyed ot the reader then it might be problematic to consider removing the langauge.

On another level, if the language offends your own sensibilities which may have undergone a transformation from the time you originally wrote it to now, then it becomes a matter of conscience. You need to pray and probably consult your spiritual leader. The Catholic Church does not consider foul language to be a sin per se. It does consider it disordered and vulgar behavior and we are best to avoid it.

If the book is already in print, well then the discussion is largely academic. Good luck with the sales. All the best. Remember God is good and merciful.

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