A new Carmelite nun video

Well here it is my new video on the Carmelits


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Well here it is my new video on the Carmelits



That was so beautiful!!:love: I loved eveery moment of it!!! So sweet a young woman, doing God's Will to pray for us in our time of need! This is the contemplative life I seek. To be with God, is to be in love of life, and everything around you. Baking eucharists in ovens, and praying and concentrating on how to keep the faith alive through discussion, virtues, and example! Loving your fellow man/woman enough to give all for their betterment. And keeping yourself in good enough shape to do good for others to help them better themselves.So that they may in turn, do good for someone else. This is God's will for us. To be apostles of His word and deed. And I do love my Lord indeed. And I want to do good for others.

God Bless,

Beautiful video!

Very nice video!

It looked like a combination of recent movies about Carmelite Saints. I recognized scenes from 'Therese' and 'Saint Teresa of the Andes'. I think there were also scenes from the Spanish movie on St. Teresa of Avila that is shown on EWTN periodically. I recognized the face of the actress who played St. Teresa in that movie.

There were some other scenes from a film which I didn't recognize. Maybe it was an older version of the life of St. Teresa; I'm referring to the black-and-white one.

God bless you and your sister for taking the time to make this amazing video.

Is the one "religious sister" St. Marguerite Marie Alacoque? Viewed on 2:07-2:39?

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