A New Great Commandment?


I have believed that the two great commandments are to love God and one’s neighbo(u)r. Recently I see another is added - love of nature.

What do you think of this addition? Is it valid? Is it phony?


What is your source? Where did you see or hear this?

I am completely unaware of such a commandment. We are not to misuse the gifts God grants us and thus must take reasonable care of the nature and the Earth. However, we must never lose sight of the fact that God gave us the world and all that is in it to use. We simply must not abuse it.


How do you define “neighbour”? Are the other living organisms that share the earth with us our neighbours?



It sounds like some Hippie/Tree-hugger type of Christianity.

Love of nature is only true in light of love of God. You show love for God by respecting and not abusing His creation (nature).


To love is to will the best for someone (possibly something). But is this proper for nature? It was made FOR us, to aid us in attaining the best for us. I don’t think that nature has a “best” to attain. It’s just there, non-rational. Ditto for animals. Don’t destroy for no reason, but they’re there for our benefit.


Thank you for all your replies. Rpp, I am unable to find the original reference.


Even better, what do you mean by “nature”?

After all, space travel is not “natural”. Neither is wearing clothes as we are all born naked.


God did make the first garments and gave them to Adam and Eve after the Fall.


It is the latest twist on an old error. Just as the sabbath was made for man and not the other way around, the Earth was made for us.

If you listen to some of the nonsense spouted in the Green movement, you’d think they’d reconstituted Gaia worship.

The real danger is that it advances the erosion of respect for human life. That makes the ridiculous dangerous.


Amen. I saw a bumper sticker a year or so ago that said: Be a hero, save a whale; save a baby, go to jail.

It is a nothing short of a mental disorder the way these Green groups will go to extremes to save the environment and animal rights, yet when it comes to issues like abortion they say, “let the woman choose.”


Referring to the text I have highlighted; the Greenies have convinced me they worship Gaia.

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