A new home


*Wow. :extrahappy: *
*We did it. I cannot believe it. I thought I was going to lose my mind at times. :hypno: *
*We closed on our very first home purchase last Friday. We get the keys tomorrow morning. I had to do a lot of telling myself that this was for the greater good of our family. It was a rough journey, but we have finally arrived. *

*Now the hard work begins. :doh2: *

*Our purchase was a foreclosure home. It needs to be scrubbed from one end to the other inside and out. Then painted. Some of the rooms are terrible! New appliances are needed and some holes need to be filled in for the pup outside. *
*Most of this needs to be done before we move in. It will all just be easier if the house is empty. *

*:highprayer: *
We would like to have our new home blessed as soon as possible. Should we wait till the work is done and we are actually moving in? Or just do it now before the work begins?


Do it now, before work begins. You’ll want God’s blessing and protection during all that hard work.

I’m jealous! We’re trying to be where you are now. :slight_smile:



We gutted our home and renovated in 2006-- tons of work but SO worth it. You will be so proud of it when you’ve made it “yours”. A little paint can make a HUGE difference!


get the house blessed as soon as the priest can come out. next to getting married and having the baby, this is about as exciting as it gets, congratulations. Lots of challenges in any house renovation, so gear up with prayer, and maybe fasting too.


I know how much this means to you, Panda, dear.

You have to specially thank your in-laws for haivng you all this time, and what better way than a good party in your home- and why not have it blessed as soon as possible, on the same day as the party?


It means a TON!!

*We decided to have the house blessed the same day as the house warming party when we are all done with the work and moved in. *
*Our first weekend of work is over. My right hand feels permanently cramped from so much painting. My aunt and uncle came in to town to help out. They have been amazing. My uncle is QUITE handy. He just floated around the house like a butterfly fixing this and thats. God bless them. *


How wonderful!!! You keep on keeping on!!


We closed on our first house a month ago. Between planning a wedding, working full time and going to grad school, I was daunted. But I have to say, after a month the house is finally looking like something we can be proud of.

My best advice so far is A) don’t overextend yourselves. You have a long time to do things. B) go for the slightly more expensive items. Store brand paint is good, but it doesn’t always go on great and can take several coats. The more expensive Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore goes on much better. C) don’t do an “upgrade” now that your planning on redoing later in a better way, it’s a waste of money. Our countertops and backsplash are 1960’s gold laminate, and UGLY we’re leaving it til we have the money to do it right. Don’t worry about the detail work. Get the house painted and cleaned and moved in. When your flush again with cash dropping 50 bucks to put in new heating registers won’t be so hard, but when you first move in and your buying paint and wallpaper remover and scrapers and appliances it adds up FAASSSSSST!. Also to remove wallpaper, use the Dif or purple pihranna stuff(gel form is better). Score the walls, then rubs a thing coat on it then goop it up and let it sit for like 15 minutes and it just comes right off. Don’t start a new project or room til the last one is done.


and getting into little tiffs is going to happen, you both will be overtired and cranky. Don’t take it personally. My fiance and I had a meltdown in Lowes at 830 PM over the color stain for the stairs. Then we got something to eat and realized just how stupid we sounded and looked. Just remember it’s supposed to be fun.


Congratulations!!! It is so exciting, isn’t it?
We bought our first home at the end of last year and officially it was our from Dec. 25th (great Christmas present). Ours was also a foreclosure and we had a load of junk to clean out. We got the outside repainted and repapered some rooms and the difference is amazing. Four month later ours is still a work in progress. We haven’t repaced the kitchen units because we can’t afford to get the ones we want and don’t want to waste money in putting in something cheap and pulling it out again in a couple of years time.
Don’t try to do everything at once. It is exhausting and can at times be frustrating. But when you do get a room finished it is a great feeling. Have fun in your new home.



We had our house blessed at our houswarming party, too. It was nice to have our closest friends and family there for the blessing and it was nice to be able to include our priest in our celebration. Congratulations!

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