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I think there needs to be a new institute. One where people feel called to be espoused to Christ but don’t fit the criteria for Order of the Virgins. I feel called to this vocation but i am not a virgin and I have been divorced (annulled). So I am left without a vocation that I “fit” into. I wish there were a institute for people like me. Im sure there are a lot of everyday people who may feel the same call with no place to go.


Have you looked into secular institutes? Or religious life (if you don’t have children)?


Second this. If you don’t have children or they are grown up and completely self sufficient, you could look into secular or religious life a bit deeper.


Is your age a factor in finding a religious community or institute? Do you have a disability? Do you need to live in a particular region because of family?


Here’s a crazy thought.

If there are others you know in a similar situation, perhaps you can found such an institute, perhaps as a de facto association first, then eventually as a Private Association of the Faithful under your diocese’s care?

Just throwing it out there. You might have stumbled onto a gap the Church needs filling.


This proposal does fill a gap. It just takes one person living the charism which would attract vocations. In my position, I have met several who might be interested in this proposal for a secular institute. I guess I should just write up a website and see what happens.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


Cloisters I have no idea how to start a secular institute but if you started up a website that would be a beginning, let me know if I can be of help. Also, I am going to be speaking to my local bishop about my dilemma maybe he has some ideas. :Pray for me :wink:


That would be a good place to start. What diocese are you in?

My organization has a letter-of-kinship secular institute, so I know something of what you’d be facing. This group, however, started as OCDS, and had to leave the same when they started their new life.

Any ideas for a patron? Considering the spectrum of spiritualities of the persons with whom I’ve interacted, I would make this an umbrella organization with each person following the spirituality/devotion that takes them to God.


I am in lexington ky. I really would have no idea how to go about it. The patron saint would be Mary Magdeline for many reasons. Shes the one God put in my heart. Wed i am talking about my vocation with someone from the institute of ursula maybe they can give me some ideas. I really feel the Holy Spirit stiring in my heart. Any help or advice feel free to write to me.



St. Mary Magdalen is also the patroness of the Dominicans.:slightly_smiling_face:

One of those discerners whom I referenced above said much the same thing. She’s in almost the exact same boat as you.

See what happens with the Institute of St. Ursula. BTW – I am a Berea College alumna.


Cool! Im originally from Maine :wink:



Future saintly founder in the making.


I appreciate that on her, my, and other founders’ behalf.


You’re a founder? May i ask of what?


A private association of Christ’s Faithful without the intention of becoming an Institute of religious life that promotes the cloisters and provides support for discerners; ex-nuns; and founders, respectively (see first link under my signature)


An emerging Society of Apostolic Life with contemplative branch (please see second link under my signature).

Feel the calling of the order of virgins but dont meet the requirements?

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