A New Jerusalem


In Revelation, is the “new Jerusalem” what will eventually be heaven for the rest of eternity after the end of the world and the Second Coming? It dawned on me recently to wonder this, and also if by a new Jerusalem, it’s meant that heaven will be physically located in the place that is Jerusalem in the Holy Land now, only, of course, it will have been made more beautiful and perfect? Or is “a new Jerusalem” meant to be taken symbolically? Thank you for any thoughts on this.


Here is my view based upon the Church Fathers

This holy city , the New Jerusalem, is the Church in glory. She comes down as a bride since she will be in Her fullness and fully prepared to be fully united to Christ with all Her members in a glorified state. Even though God dwells with man now in the Church, he will be more united with man because sin will no longer exist among the people of God. There will never be anymore sadness or pain of any kind. The fact that the text says that God will wipe away every tear could mean that God will need to supernaturally remove the sadness that people will feel after they see many people sent to the Lake of Fire.


The New Jerusalem is the city in Heaven, where all the Resurrectional Bodies will live.

It is not the same as the Asian city that is now the core of the State of Israel. That medium-sized city would not hold everybody who made it to life everlasting!!!

The place-name Jerusalem means in Hebrew, “the peace of God.”

That peace cannot be had in our world, in or out of the country of Israel. But just as European place-names were copied to cities in the New World during the explorations, the name Jerusalem will at last be fulfilled in the world to come.



It is the Holy Spirit. God dwelling amongst us. "And the Word was made flesh… And dwelt amongst us’’.


The New J is a recapitulation of Eden: an ideal physical place, not ruined by sin, where the saved will live body and soul with God in eternal friendship; with the bonus that Jesus will live there with his body, soul, and divinity too.


It all sounds so wonderful and beautiful. I really hope and pray I am worthy of this for eternity. I hope and pray for all of us.

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