A new lease on hope!

Hello all. I was contacted by Sacred Heart School of Theology and was directed to a diocese. I met with the vocations director. For the first time a VD took well over three hours interviewing me and asking all kinds of questions and finaly hardball ones. I told him the good the bad the ugly and the good better and best. Told him about my whining on here… Asked me many questions and often said great answer. I tried to tell him everything I mean everything and I did. He gave me an application and told me that the ball is in my court. He wants it all completed as fast as practicle as seminary starts in August. Never got this far and so we’ll see. I am sorry for all the whining on here just for four years I have been rejected for jobs for vocations and has been a real tough 4 years So anyway I hope things will start looking up. I hope I didn’t permenantly (sp?) offput anyone if so hope there is some charity and forgiveness. I was looking through my old posts and the attitude was much nicer than the last ones. Just so so much dissappointment. Seems like I have a little shot anyway. Got to go to a psyhcologist for a profile (don’t know what that entails but hope it goes well) and physical. Then after those two steps according to the VD two more steps and if all goes well then off to Sacred Heart. I finaly feel hope again. Please anyone have advice for me (I know attitude!!! ) but what else I am starting to fill out the application. I can’t see the DR till next weel for the physical. I passed my physical for my CDL. I asked the DR. if he understood this is a CDL physical not an airline pilot’s physical! I passed so hope that goes well. I am scared excited worried and all. Does this sound like a possible chance for me?? This to me has been the most positive outcome so far. My Friend Fr ______ had gone through 15 diocese!! this is my 5th. Thanks for your patience Scoob.

Sounds like good news.:thumbsup: I will definitely remember you in my prayers.

If you are willing, please PM me your first name (and only your first name) for those prayers. I will do the prayer during my community prayers as well as during my private prayers.

HI Scoob, I don’t know you yet, but it sounds wonderful! What are you planning to do for your vocation?

I plan on going as far as God allows. I hope he wants me to go all the way. We’ll see. BTW I used to live in upstate NY Well Dutchess County. Scoob

Congratulations on making it that far! I admire your perseverance. I also just completed the application process for an order, so I understand what you’re going through. Be assured of my prayers!

Wonderful. I wish you a great anointing… I haven’t been to dutchess co., but I’ve heard of it. :slight_smile:
Hey, I heard this bit of trivia on the radio the other day. They said that Scooby is short for Scoobert. (Awwww). Have you heard that one?:slight_smile:

Yes indeed. On the first ScoobyDoo the movie he was called Scoobert when Fred was agravated with him. I have also heard that his name came from that Sinatra song Strangers in the Night. At the end of the song the lyrics are scoobydoobydoo or at least that what it sounds like.
Dutchess County was one of my favorite places I have lived and then we moved to Putnam and was great as well Scoob

Any good news/update to report? :thumbsup:

Yes things are looking good so far. I am headed to the Seminary to visit Saturday, So far so good. Let’s hope it all goes well… Thanks Scoob.

Is that a possibility for me also? We have a prayer chain here that has gone for years. It would be nice to pray for a new vocation! But like Bro said, only your first name…:slight_smile:

It doesn’t bother me that someone has my last name on here as this is a tight nit forum and I haven’t received any work at home scams or any of that mess that you find on others.
I received my tests today in the mail that I have to fill out before I take my profile test tomorrow. I am off for the visit at the seminary. Things so far are good. I am going to visit Sacred Heart in Hales Corner. I love the fact they are so supportive of a second career vocation. Anyway I am halfway through the application just need to take my physical and this test. Pray for me please and I will for you. Scoob.

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